New Music Sunday – Shameless promotion

My cousin Óli is a successful musician/ music producer in Denmark who I’m very proud of. We met as teenagers for the first time in Aberdeen where we were both visiting the bulk of the family who live there, Me from Canada, him and his Sister from the Faroe Islands where they lived with their Parents and where my Mom is from originally. He has a younger brother Hans who I’ve never met unfortunately, but I understand he’s a music wiz too and successful in his own right.

There is a lot of artistic talent in our family you understand, however, that talent completely skipped over me but appears to have landed on my Kids. Blast it. Totally unfair. Alas….

The day we met a bunch of us Cousins went to the seaside amusement park in Aberdeen to spend the day and get to know each other. The fun part was he (and his Sister) didn’t speak fluent English and I (bad half Faroese girl that I am), barely had conquered the English language never mind any others (hey I know ‘Cat’ ‘Girl’, ‘Dear’ in Faroese, that should count for something right?). This meant a lot of wild gesticulating and shouting, as if that was going to get the point across that language barrier.

We reconnected back in ’99 here in Vancouver when he was attending ‘New Music West’ and we had a blast chatting and catching up. He also had a chance to visit my Mom who had just come home after having brain surgery (due to an aneurysm). I haven’t seen him since.

He has impeccable English now although I still don’t speak Faroese, (ah well) and is a handsome devil(good genes run in the family hahem). There is something about certain familial connections that cross time and distance and we’ve kept in touch, albeit sporadically (we’re both miserable at emails) ever since.

He had told me about an Artist that he worked with who is half Canadian and half Faroese of all things, so I finally got around to checking out her website to listen to some tracks I really liked the song “Step on the Gas” so I downloaded it. Of course it was off a Danish music download site so I had to kind of guess a bit and hope what I was doing was right, Good thing music sites are basically the same. Also being that the prices are in Danish Kroners too, for all I know I paid $20.00 for the song.. (kidding I believe it’s like a buck something Canuckian per song or you can buy the whole album). The full CD is also on

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