Avoiding the crush of V Day

In order to hopefully avoid the chaos that accompanies going out for dinner on V-Day, we decided to go tomorrow, but as a family. GREAT excuse to use up the Olive Garden gift card we got from Sister Carol and family so yay!

Works out time-wise as Chris actually has the day off this time so ALL of us are able to go which makes me happy. Not that I think Sir C will be moving out anytime soon, I mean the boy just started working and he’s not exactly Bill Gates or anything, but I want to enjoy the ‘complete family’ moments we get as they are getting more rare.

It’s turned a bit frosty here the last couple of days but under some nice blue skies. I guess you can’t have it all eh? I mean I have to remind myself it IS winter and all, but it’s been so mild up until now, dropping below freezing is a shock to the system, even if it is only in the mornings. Of course we are all spoiled whiney West Coasters to the rest of Canada who generally suffer a harsh winter most years and we cry over 2.5 inches of snow.

Sean has sucessfully completed his first Semester of Grade 8 and we are expecting his report card next week. I’m wondering if he’s still on the honor roll..hope so! Gosh it was exciting to see a report card where I didn’t have to cringe before I opened it. Chris wasn’t exactly Mr Student, well that is until grade 12 when suddenly he pulled up his sock and yanno, did work and stuff and even got an award for top of his class in a subject. I almost cried, in fact I think I did. It always frustrated me that he’s such a smart kid but wasn’t using the smarts. Things seem to be going well for him at work though so hoping that keeps up.

He got a call from his last job, turns out they have a couple of paycheques for him that he didn’t know about, durrrr. You would think they would call when he didn’t come get them instead of waiting a few months. Oh well it’s super-suprise-bonus-money you can’t be too sorry for that!

Huh, speaking of money I get to do four tax returns this year, five if you count the US tax return for Tom I plan on attempting (he has to file for both Countries because the US Govt tax laws are based on Citizenship not on residence) shouldn’t be too hard though as there is a tax treaty between our two Countries to avoid double taxing unless you’re super rich (uh yeah that’s not a problem for us!) I also will be doing Tom’s Canadian one, mine, my Mom’s and this year Chris’ first return. I’m a weirdo I like doing taxes, at least those done online or through the tax programs, I’m all about that, hate doing them on paper though. Another triumph of the computer age I say!

Here is a shot of one of my ‘toys’ at the office. It’s a joke (hahem) Voodoo kit. The doll was kind of plain so I jazzed him up some. It’s been a funny coping mechanism for people at work who will come running up, grab the doll and just start stabbing it. haha
My voodoo kit

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