Adventures in Orthodontics week 2

Today was MOULD day. Sean fortunately had a professional day off work and my Boss was kind enough to let me work from home (which ROCKS by the way because I get so much DONE here). He had an early appointment which turned out to be a good thing. The brough him inside and I had 45 mins to kill and I was dying for a coffee. Thanks to Jen because of this post I had to go to Starbucks. All I can say is oh boy chocolately goodness. I’m now in need of an insulin shot though!

When I got back upstairs they called me in the back to show me that Sean needs to get better and brusning AND it turns out after they pried out the rubber rings and started the moulds they discovered that he had a molar that needed some attention. It just so happens to be a molar that the appliance will be attached to (gah!)

This meant we needed to get the filling done before the next appointment (next Friday) or they wouldn’t be able to put the appliance on (ACK!). I called up my dentist and lucky for me they had a cancellation with another dentist in the group who could do the work. Oh the stress!!

Tom had an early half day shift so he was able to run him over to the dental office and have that taken care of. Because the filling needs to dry, they weren’t able to put the rubber ring back in so I had to make ANOTHER appt with the Orthodontist to have them jam that sucker back in. Wow LOTS of running around for this I tells ya!

The Ortho’s office was surprised how fast we got the work done, but I’m all about getting things done efficiently and quickly as possible. Why put off things off yanno?

Today was profit sharing day. Tom got a surprise and found out he qualified for some at his work too. Every bit counts as we are trying to save up as much money for down payment and renovation money for a house. At least we have all the funds for the braces now stored away in a savings account. Anything we get over and above our needs will get squirreled away.

This will be a nice RELAXY weekend, just some basic cleaning and laundry to do. NO ferrying the boy for a change too as he has both weekend days off whoohoo!! I am going to try and do some more boxing up/sorting as a project though. I can do it while staring at the tube though so it’s really not that taxing.

Poor Tom has caught a bit of a head cold. I’ve been pretty lucky for the last couple of years *knock wood* as I’ve escaped pretty much any kind of illness. I swear I get less and less now as I’m sure I have almost all variants of colds etc while I was growing up. I was CONSTANTLY sick as a kid.

Hmmm wonder if there is anything worth watching on tv tonight? Probably not.. DVD night. Yeah definately.

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One Response to Adventures in Orthodontics week 2

  1. Tom says:

    You guys should watch Spinal Tap, Hon…Sean’s been dying to see it again, and I don’t mind missing it (I’d probably pass out anyway…GRIN).

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