Catching up

I finally got a chance to talk to our friend Lisa last night. It’s been many many MONTHS since we’ve really had a chance to ‘talk’ so we made up for lost time and now my ass is just that bit more spread out from sitting on our hard ‘office chair’ for hours.

We basically went from chatting just about every night for… oh my gosh close to 6 years (!) to rarely in the last few years with our lives being so full and busy.

The wonderful thing about a good friend is you can basically pick up where you left off where time and distance just melts away. She has always managed to know exactly what to do and say when I’m upset or angry. She would let me bitch for a while to get it off my chest, sympathize when it was called for and then whip my ass out of self-pity-ville by making me laugh. Hard. This is a trait we share and both appreciate which has made our friendship last as long as it has.

We call each other Whore and Gutterslut and other names that aren’t fit for print, all said with affection. We are both Mothers, Wives and working women who live very diverse lives and come from different backgrounds but we are so much alike where it counts and get a kick out of each other where we aren’t.

You can’t treat everyone this way. Some people wouldn’t find the humour we share appropriate and at times we’ve made the people around us squirm until they witness the delighted reaction from the person who was knocked out of being pissy by some sort of outrageous statement or behaviour. This serves to amuse us all the more and encourages our bad behaviour. When we are together we are brats of 16 all over again. Everyone needs a friend they can be 16 with even when you’re 40.

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