Oh how I long for the Mating call of the barking spider

Ever have air trapped in some mystery place between your gullet and your tooshie? Well that was me today. STABBING PAIN. It’s ’bout half way down, round you midrift, kinda sorta below the ribs and just won’t move. EITHER WAY.

My Coworker was laughing at me as I was squirming uncomfortably ending up reclining in my chair and staring at the ceiling whimpering at my mystery pain I was wishing my monitor and keyboard were ceiling mounted, sitting just wasn’t working for me.

She suggested it had to be gas and taking a walk which might uh, move things along. My Boss agreed it was probably gas and that’s when you just need a bit of ‘Me’ time if you know what I mean.

I went up to the roof, hoping against hope that I would be up there on my own so if I could possibly Crop Dust by chance,I wouldn’t have an audience. There was a person there but they left just as I was arriving. COOL!

So I walked, and walked and sat and crouched and bent and NO FRIGGIN LUCK. Nothing moved!!! No dusting to be had!

After walking around for five minutes I gave up and went back inside. The minute I sat down I burped and then starting laughing, kind of a burp/laugh combo. Oh sweet merciful relief. Well momentarily anyway. I started to feel like Violet Beauregarde as the day went on except not quite so blue.

I’m home now and have given my family fair warning. The situation has gotten better,not quite so pressing but I’m apt to blow any minute now and it won’t be pretty.

In other unrelated news, we received our shipment of Xmas DVDs yay! 7 new movies added to our collection. Well 6 movies and 1 TV series. We so need to pick up more media shelves. Having two rubbermaid containers full of videos to find a home for and our three packed dvd racks are groaning as it is under the weight of what’s there. Nice problem to have though when you’re a movie addict.

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