Looks like some kind of torture device…

But it’s the expander. Yeesh, I feel so bad for the kid, picture having to wear THAT for six months! The good part is that turning the thingie inside is only done once a day, mind you it’s two turns, and it’s only for 4-6 weeks depending on how fast things start spreading. After that they leave it on for another five months for the part that was stretched to knit up again. Sounds gruesome!!! As the Parent, I get the joy of doing the torturing, mostly because the kids won’t turn them far enough or open their mouth wide enough. They want things to move along faster, not go backwards. So in other words I’m going to feel REALLY MEAN. Mind you it’s a good way to keep him in line…”Do as you’re told or I will crank that thing THREE TIMES!” kidding.. kidding…

Other than the discomfort, another issue is the center piece gets in the way of Sean’s tongue and it’s effecting his speech. It’s supposed to get better when things start spreading as the centre piece moves up closer to the roof of his mouth. It’s also making him produce more ‘spit’ which will supposedly diminish as he gets used to having it there. Good thing he’s well liked, it’s like wearing a kick-me sign to school.

I kept on saying to him, “I’m soooo sorry!! I feel so bad for you!!” He looked at me and said “It’s ok Mom it’s going to be worth it in the end, don’t worry!” He’s such a cool kid he’s trying to make ME feel better.

As a surprise I’ve ordered him the Parent and Son Serta sheep, the one where the kid sheep has braces. He probably will only appreciate it for a little while as he’s getting older, but I thought he would get a kick of out anyway. We both love those cute-ugly sheep.

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2 Responses to Looks like some kind of torture device…

  1. Jen says:

    That expander thing in his mouth? Will be giving me nightmares. OMG! I thought having neck gear and rubber bands was bad enough, but that hardware is downright torturous. Yeesh!

    But! It ‘ll be worth it in the end, having nice teeth. :)

  2. Beezzez says:

    Yeah eh? I feel like a torturer when I’m cranking that puppy. I mean it only moves a fraction of fraction of an inch at a time but.. yuck! After all this is done it’s a year + of braces and then jaw surgery to boot.

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