Out for a walk

Out for a walk
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The boys and I went out to eat today what was supposed to be breakfast, but by the time we woke up and got our asses in gear kinda turned into lunch.

Tom has the day off and was going to join us, but he’s still fighing off either the same cold he’s had or a nice layer of new cold over the old. He passed on going out to stay warm and try to keep it at bay. I call him a wimp. He’s ok with that.

It was COLD today, cold enough for snow which we did see while we were out, although it consisted of really fine drifting flakes here and there. Yuck, if it would stay away forever I would be happy.

While we were out and about we also dropped by Chris’ old workplace to pick up his tax info and a couple of last cheques he didn’t realize he had coming to him, BONUS. Of course being Chris we ended up waiting in the car for what seemed like FOREVER while he chatted with the Staff. Sean and I amused ourselves by taking pictures.

Sean has caught the photo ‘bug’ but has yet to master the whole composition thing, that and keeping his finger/thumb away from the lens. He did take this one though which made me laugh.


What it DOES illustrate to me however, is the need to dye my hair and get rid of those greys..blah! It’s so much more apparent in daylight and of course from another angle. Eeek. Ms Belinda has a date with Ms Clairol, ok I think it’s Loreal but you get the idea…


Well I did the first turning of the screw in Sean’s mouth. I think I was dreading it more than him if that’s possible. It wasn’t as bad as I thought but it still made me feel queasy. I don’t like the thought of inflicting pain on my own yanno? Anyway, he said it wasn’t as painful as the first two swings that they took at the Orthodontist’s office.

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