Reality is addicting

Tom and I watched ‘The Amazing Race’ last night and it’s good to see that they have an interesting mix this go around and they got rid of the ANNOYING family format which had to have been considered a HUGE failed experiment. I know people at work tuned out in droves, because of the families and the fact travel was pretty much limited to the United States *yawn*. I being the devoted junkie that I am watched the whole way through and rooted the whole way through for the three brothers and their sister who finally won. Glad to see they came to their senses though and went back true to the old format.

I’ve yet to pick out my fave team to win but I’ve picked my fave team to watch, the Hippie dudes. Not just because they are Hippies…but because they are having fun. Good honest, holy cow look at us, look at where we are, how cool is this fun. I’m kind of hoping these guys win on many levels. One because they appear to subsist on little now, and all the fun they could have with the cash if they won, probably not all of it legal fun if you catch what I’m sayin’. In fact Tom and I were joking about how they almost looked thrilled at the amount of cash they were handed to get through the first leg of the race and he said pretending to be them “Hey cool look we’re rich” and take off running with the money.

I’m also a not so closeted American Idol watcher. I mean, sure I watch it more for the train-wreck than expecting to be blown away and run off to buy some CD at the end of it all but hey it can be entertaining.

Ok this dude:

I mean he’s kind of endearing and all but how the heck is he still there?

They are kinda mean though….


Tom was ‘watching’ with me last night, meaning he was playing solitaire on his PDA. But he kept me company anyway. He’s pulling lates the rest of this week so I won’t ‘see’ him except for the brief kiss when I crawl out of bed and he’s still half asleep (he will be the person sleeping next to me long after I’ve already passed out for the most part) until ohhh… Friday at around 1:00 am.. ah well… whaddaygonnado?

Ooooh He sent me his work Oscar Pool categories to pick from being I’m the real Pop Culture junkie in the family. I’m now curious about how I will do. I’ve had a pretty good track record at guessing up until now, even if I haven’t seen the film, sometimes on what I’ve seen from the people in the past and sometimes just gut feeling. Gonna have to play along now from home. Bring on Sunday! Oh wait no… that would mean this coming weekend is over…oh darn. How conflicting.

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