Little Serta brace face

Little Serta brace face
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Sean’s surprise gift from us, the special Serta Sheep arrived today. The child one with the braces is SO FRIGGIN CUTE! We really think he’s going to get a real kick out of this.

The Parent Sheep (#36) came along with 1/2 (the kid’s number).

Father and son

Sean hasn’t seen them yet as we had our out of town processor here for our annual visit (and dinner) so I didn’t see Sean today as his Father had picked the Boys up for me.

I hinted though that we had a surprise and he said it’s “killing him”.. which isn’t suprising because he starts doing a Christmas countdown the minute one is OVER. “Ohhhh it’s a whole YEAR until Christmas againnn”

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2 Responses to Little Serta brace face

  1. Bill says:

    Y’all have waaayyy too much free frackin time on your hands ….

  2. Beezzez says:

    Why cos I bought a sheep or cos I took pictures of it? LMAO

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