Friday night is the sneeziest night of the week.

Sean got his new brace buddy today and he loved it, and the parent sheep.

Sean's new friends

He teeth are really starting to spread apart and it’s only been a week of ‘cranking’ so far. He’s starting to think he’s looking a bit like David Letterman in the gap area, I told him it’s gonna get bigger before long. The really cool part is, once he stops having to crank the expander the middle teeth will draw back together and leave spaces in other places. That and a couple of teeth being pulled will be done to give the rest of the teeth more room to spread around. I wish I could flash forward a couple of years and see what he’s going to look like without his overbite. I can’t wait to see it!

My insurance company FINALLY did the pre-approval which means I can claim half the first bill (of $2,200.00) of which we will get 50% back. I’m hoping my ex’s insurance company isn’t going to give me any hassles. I REALLY don’t like dealing with them. It’s really a good thing I started a savings plan to put a few grand away for this, it’s allowing us to have a nice float and not effect our cushion savings or operating funds. Once the insurance runs out, the money in there that’s been repaid by insurance will be used to pay the out of pocket portions. I’m pretty anal about money and not wanting to be in debt. I’m naturally good with money, probably a good thing considering I’ve spend a good part of my career dealing with money in some way shape or form.

Tom and Sean have been fighting a cold, or rather a cold on top of a cold. First Sean gave Tom his, then Tom got another one and gave it to Sean, the second one seems worse, that or it’s hit them worse because they were already sick. I’ve been dodging the cold ‘bullet’ for I think a couple of years now, so I figured I was due. Sure enough it hit me tonight after work and it’s coming on fast. Oh well…

On the good news front, I get to actually see my Hubby tonight yay! Of course this will be at 1:00 am but we do have the place to ourselves, it’s the Boys weekend at their Father’s. In mean meantime, there’s a Sex and the City marathon that will help to kill some time AND the show “Family Business” is on tonight (don’t need to censor my tv watching)oooh and a nice glass of Wolf Blass is calling my name.

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