The X factor

Ok, that was the ass-nastiest cold I’ve had (or rather am still having) in a long time. I was totally and absolutely wiped out. I still feel horrible, I’m talking like my sinuses are stuffed with cotton and my voice as husky as it is, is now disappearing right in the middle of conversations which is making work interesting.

Speak of work, I took a couple of days off for a couple of reasons. One, I would have been a new age Typhoid Mary and spread this thing all over my office, obviously it’s a bitch because it ravaged it’s way through Tom’s station. Secondly, because I would have been as useful as tits on a bull. I barely had enough of a thought process to move from bed to couch to bathroom to bed… well you get the idea.

Anyway, I’ve alive. I just need to keep an eye on my chest, it’s traveling there next and with my past history of pneumonia (major lung scars), it’s a real risk I face each year (that would be reason number three).

Now my small rant. Why is it that all the shit that has to do with insurance is left up to ME to deal with? My X has coverage too, and I’ve been asking him to follow up with the insurance company that his work uses and make sure they’ve done the pre-approval. I mean WE put up the $2,200.00 (and already paid over $400.00 out of pocket) and he’s yet to put up a dime. I want to get the money BACK!! I emailed him again today and he sent me the phone number, his plan info and advised me to call them and they would be able to answer my questions… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah and THANKS for that!

When I called I explained that I’m yanno not actually ON that plan and how my X was making ME call, she chuckled and said, yeah well that’s why they are X’s … I said to her “I LIKE you!”

Anyway, all is good, I can start submitting my receipts. She said it’s nice that I was prepared and knew what I was asking and yanno, understood what she was saying when she answered me. Huuuh, maybe that’s why it was better I called.

Had to pick up “The Boy” after work today. Ended up sitting waiting for a while in the very cold parking lot. I got bored..

Happy to be waiting

Don’t I have the cutest steering wheel cover???!!!

We are due for a wild wind storm tonight and it’s expected a lot of areas are going to lose power. Oh joy, maybe it’s the fun of putting on my mascara by candlelight tomorrow. Been there done that, scared the universe.

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3 Responses to The X factor

  1. Bill says:

    Just the insurance is left to you? HA! I wish I was that fortunate. My ex has’nt handled anything except shit stirring (you read my blog) in years. Now she is as worthless as tits on a boar hog …. wait, she has tits and looks like a boar hog. Why didnt I realize that before? (must have been before she got extra fluffy)
    Maybe you should enlist the Tom to help you keep an eye on your chest, Im sure he would nobly make the sacrifice. (if not, I know volunteers)

  2. Beezzez says:

    Oh Bill honey that is the tip of the proverbial iceburg but then again we’ve TAWKED about that before… yanno???

    PS I’m not sending any ribbon pix

  3. Bill says:

    Drats! Foiled again!

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