Is this Spring Break time or Winter Break time?

Last night just before we went to bed I was turning off the computer and noticed some movement outside. I pulled the blinds aside to have a look and to my horror/surprise it was snowing. A LOT.

Bah!! It’s freaking SPRING BREAK next week, and it’s SNOWING? This is Vancouver, this isn’t supposed to happen. We hardly see flippin snow except for the mountains where it BELONGS!!

By the time morning came along, there was enough on the ground to cause issues, mostly with those folks that are in complete denial that this isn’t the Bahamas so they don’t even bother getting all seasons. Nothing horrible with transit being stuck or major road closures, not like the odd day or so we can have here where we don’t know how to drive in the snow… but enough to cause snarls and fender benders and people slipping off the road into ditches etc.

I only drive as far as the train to downtown. Tom had already left to start work at 6:30 am, so he left me a text message that the hill leading down to the station area was clear. Well, at least it was when he left, but the time I left about an hour and a half later it was snowing hard again and the roads were slick. I decided to abort going to the station at the bottom of the hill juuuussst in case it didn’t let up in the afternoon as was forecast and head for another one further away, but it’s flat the whole way there. I didn’t want to get stuck at the BOTTOM of that hill trying to get home… Once I left our area of town it lightened up and pretty much stopped snowing. The parking lot by the station was a mess and it was a mushy walk to get to the shelter of the station. It was a good thing I had my emergency hiking boots in my trunk. I didn’t think to check before I started driving. Duh.


Everyone had the same reaction as me, plenty of grumbling and humour over seeing a late season reminder that it isn’t really Spring yet.

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