Belinda’s list – Hunks of the 1970’s

Part two of the series of posts highlighting those Celebs that ‘Did’ it for us back in the day (Tom’s is below). Here is MY list from the 1970’s. Yeah I don’t have anything that actually goes ‘boing’ but these guys at some time or another put a twist in my knickers.

Randolph Mantooth (Paramedic John Gage on “Emergency!”) 1970’s

Not having control of the television as a kid (we had the one for a long time) and long before the invention of the remote (I was my Dad’s remote) I was exposed by no choice of my own, to a LOT of different crime/adventure dramas and Emergency! was one of them. I call this the start of my fascination with men in uniform, particularly those of the fireman persuasion.I’ve forgiven him for the soap opera years, and really he’s holding up pretty darn good these days! P.S. He’s available for speaking engagements.

James Garner – 1970’s

I was too young to see him less shall we say….’weathered’ back in the Maverick days, but I was old enough to see how cute he was in ‘The Rockford Files’. Rockford was another one of my Dad’s favourite Crime/Drama type shows, but this one had some quirkiness to it that engaged me and I warmed up to the handsome Jim Rockford. I also loved his romantic role as Sally Field’s older love interest in ‘Murphy’s Romance’ even with his stuffiness, you could so see the diamond in all that rough. He’s REALLY old and crusty now, so yeah he’s kind of off the list..

Clark Brandon – 1970’s

He was total pin-up boy for me. I watched the show he was on… wait have to look up the name….’The Fitzpatricks’ for the what? the one year it was on… but he had those baby blue eyes that stared at you from a magazine and pierced right into my teenage heart. He was also a short term crush but he was allowed a small amount of bedroom wall real estate in my room, so that means something.

Anthony Hopkins – 1970’s

I think my earliest memory of seeing him acting was from ‘Audrey Rose’ but I’m sure I saw him in something earlier while watching TV with my parents, probably something I was totally tuned out of, but I always remember liking him. He’s got a really interesting face and a very cool accent and speech pattern that’s kind of Shakespearian. Hey I’m easy. He’s got a debonair charm that continues even to this day, though I prefer the younger version. Have to admit though, seeing him as Hannibal Lecter was a real turn off! Repeat after me Gwynneth, it’s ANTHONY, not ANTONY.

Michael Douglas – 1970’s

I loved him on Streets of San Francisco with his windblown ruffled just out of bed kind of hair and youthful arrogance he exuded. Face it though, standing next to Karl Malden ANYONE would look good! He’s got this diamond in the rough vibe to him. For instance, the flawed character he played in ‘Romancing the Stone’, kind of the anti-hero who ends up saving the day a la Han Solo. After he cheated on his Wife and was treated for sex addiction though… eh.. ok interest kind of gone. He married Catherine Zeta Jones who I have a non-sexual crush on, so he best treat her right or I’m gonna have to kick ass. She’s waaay too pretty for him as he is NOW.

Paul Michael Glaser -1970’s

The sweater, it has to be the sweater! He had the coolest car… yeah I crushed on it too. I mean how could I not? The difference is, I wouldn’t really want one of those NOWADAYS but back in the 70’s a red Grand Torino with the white stripe was so totally hip. He was a short term crush, but I have to say I admired his devotion to his wife and family and it was sad for him to lose both of them to Aids like that.

Andy Gibb – 1970’s

He “wanted to be my everything” and yeah for a time he was. I fell for his voice and his wet look shirt on the 1977 album cover staring at me and loungin’ in that ‘come hither’ pose. I got a poster of him for my Birthday wearing this white satin number that showed off his impressive goodies. My Mom thought it was indecent so he was ‘hung’ (heh) in my closet, yeah I spent a lot of time in my closet.

Michael York – 1970’s

LOVE the accent and that kind of jump suit deal from ‘Logan’s Run’. I saw this picture a few years after it was in the theatre, I’m sure on late night TV, but I liked it AND him. He’s got such an interesting face, resonating voice and he’s really well preserved. He makes honorable mention for sure.

Billy Crystal – 1970’s

Humour, yeah it’s big for me. Billy was so funny as Jodi on ‘Soap’ which was one of my favourite shows back in the day. Yeah ok he played gay. Does that make me a Fag Hag? He’s not exactly handsome, but he’s cute in a quirky way. I think personality can make a guy even better looking than he is. Loved loved loved him in ‘When Harry met Sally’ which is one of the best Chick flicks EVARRRRR! Ya know how I know, Tom can’t stand it! We don’t tend to agree all that much on Chick flicks!

Sting – 1970’s

One of the first albums I bought with my own money was the Police’s ‘Message in a bottle’. I was taken with Sting right away (the musician thing) for his voice and for his sexy good looks. I carried that torch through all of the Police years, but kind of started letting it slip in the solo years. Singing a really stupid song with Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams really did it. I have to admit though seeing the Annie Leibovitz photo of him covered with mud uhmmmm al fresco was an eye opener. Totally blew that fantasy. He’s so stingily endowed that I’m surprised his wife ever got pregnant…. I could see it would barely reach the ermmm target so to speak. Poor Mrs. Sting.

John Schneider – 1970’s

Oh how my little heart went pitter-pat the minute I first tuned into the Duke’s of Hazzard. Back in the day, I saved every penny of what little allowance I got and hoarded my Teen Beat and Tiger Beat magazines. Every bit of remaining wall space was filled with his hunkyness lovingly cut from my mags. Flash forward to 2003 and a flight back to Vancouver from LA. I had upgraded to first class and was given the front row (whoohoo!!). As I walked on the plane and settled in my seat I glanced over at my aisle mates and noticed this man and his daughter sitting next to me. The man looked vaguely familiar (and Hot) but I didn’t want to stare.
A few minutes later someone else familiar boarded (bald head sporting a mohawk) I realized it was the dude that plays Lex Luthor from Smallville (they film it close by where we live) and they greeted each other shaking hands etc and I heard ‘THE VOICE’. My eyes flew open and then over to watch them. OH.MY.GOD. It was HIM! All of a sudden I was 12 and my inner child was jumping up and down and screaming. Fortunately for me and the rest of the passengers it was all taking place inside my head. I looked down at the magazine I was reading and saw his face there too (story on the show, freaky eh?) so I immediately stashed it and brought out my book. Anyway, he was so cute with his Daughter and even made small talk with me. Really nice genuine guy. I played it cool and didn’t show any recognition, I figure they must get that stuff a lot, but it took a LOT of restraint. The minute we landed I HAD to call my Mom and tell her. She asked me if I told him about the posters I had all over my wall. Oh sure. Can we say stalker? Without a doubt he still looks GOOOOOOO-OOOODDDDD *wipes drool*

Shaun Cassidy – 1970’s

Now THIS was my first HUGE crush.
My Sister was all about David and the Partridge family, me I sighed over my Hardy Boy. Not only was he starring in a show based on some of my favourite books but he was also a SINGER!! Da-doo run run all over me baby! He and Parker (see below) were a double delight. This time I didn’t have to put up with one cutey and one ehhh (like the Dukes of Hazzard) I got a twofer!! He looks creepily a lot like his Mom the older he gets though.. eek!

Parker Stevenson – 1970’s

For him it was the eyes that got me, those piercing blue eyes.. He was the smarter stronger of the two Hardy Boys and I so wanted him and Nancy Drew to hook up (as I figured I didn’t have a chance being yanno, 11. Turns out he hooked up with Kirsty Alley (him and his ‘Big one’ that she was so happy he slipped her those years they were married) That kind of grossed me out, that and the whole Baywatch thing. Good thing he was short lived.

Harrison Ford – 1970’s

Back when I was 11 my Dad took me (after MANY days of BEGGING) to see Star Wars. I know he had ZERO interest in seeing it himself and we were ten minutes late getting to the theatre for the start of the movie. I didn’t have a clue what happened in those ten minutes until I bought the video many many moons later, but I digress. After a while of trying to figure out what the hell was going on, I didn’t care anymore. Not once I set eyes on Han Solo. I was mesmerized by him and when all my little friends were cooing about Luke (blah) I was on about my bad boy with a heart of gold. Yeah ok chickies, where is said Luke now hmmmm???
Voice overs on video games! I was enchanted for years all the way through the Indiana Jones movies. I bought BOTH full sets of Star Wars and Indy movies and lost Indy in the divorce. (I swear it was on purpose he kept half of the Harrison movies. Used to pick his butt I loved Harry so much).We have since replaced said Indy movies but in DVD. Tom is much more evolved =P. He’s still on my list but as YOUNGER Harrison. Him dating Calista Flockhart kind of ruined him for me, that and the stud earring. Occasionally when he’s interviewed, instead of having the facial reactions of a stroke victim he occasionally shows that killer smile and is actually animated. I think Calista sucked all of the life out of him. Bad BAD Calista!

Sean Connery – 1970’s

So much of a crush for me that I named two of my Kids after him. Well kind of. Chris’ middle name is after his most famous character, and Sean, well you can figure that one out fer your ownself! Tom thinks he looked goofy when he was younger but I kind of like that dashing goofiness.
I used to watch the James Bond movies with my Dad, I didn’t ‘get’ them but again we only had the one TV. I was taken with his accent and the way he could wear a tux. Having him and Harrison in one movie was my dream! Lucky damn bitch of a character that got to sleep with BOTH of them!!!

Greg Evigan – 1970’s

BJ and the Bear was one of my fave shows as a young’un. I loved his feathered hair and his uhhh monkey.

Billy Joel- 1970’s

This crush goes back to grade school. He looks like a cross between a Basset Hound and a bullfrog but he’s got the coolest voice. I always loved that kind of street smart blue collar guy thing combined with all that talent. He’s nowhere near my list now for a few reasons. Number one I think he’s shrinking and starting to look more like Mickey Rooney, and second because he married a girl that’s like what? Three years older than his daughter! EW EW EW EW!!!

Matt Dillon – 1970’s

He was another refugee of Tiger Beat and the other teen rags of the day. He was kind of on the skinny side for my taste then and his ears kind of stuck out, but he had edge and soul and was awfully cute.
I kind of lost track of him over the years. What I do remember of him was He was the bad boy of the bad boys in the movie “The Outsiders” and was the freaky, sleazy, yet cute guy in “Something about Mary” even with those bad fake choppers he was still a cutie. He is holding up REAL nice in my opinion.

Steve Martin – 1970’s

Any man who can play a banjo and wear bunny ears rocks my world. He was a silver haired fox, hey I told ya I like a funny guy! I’ve loved his movies, well most of them, up until recently when he started making REALLY bad script choices. I mean Bringing down the house? PLEASE! I’m not even going to comment on those ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ flicks! He’s got this weird ‘I’ve had work done’ face on him now, so that is SO over for me.

So that wraps up the 1970’s….

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4 Responses to Belinda’s list – Hunks of the 1970’s

  1. Cousin Sue says:

    Hi Belinda – I’m Tom’s cousin Sue and I’ve been lurking on your blog for awhile now. I keep meaning to send you an e-mail to say HI, but I know it will be a long one and I just haven’t done it. Anyway, your “blogject” forced me out of lurkdom. I sooo agree with most of your hunks (the exception is Steve Martin whom I’ve never liked)But Michael Douglas has always been my biggest crush. Did you know that Tom’s Dad and my Dad went to High School with his dad?

  2. Beezzez says:

    Hi Sue! Nice to hear from ya! Yeah Tom had mentioned there was some connection to Kirk Douglas to both of your Parents.

    Glad you delurked =)

    Hopefully one of these years I will get a chance to meet you and the rest of Tom’s extended family!

  3. Jen says:

    Is it me, or is Parker Stevenson a little cross eyed? Creepy.

    Love your list. Though I am too young to know some of them. But my mom would agree on James Garner. She even commented about it on my blog today.

    And you know how I feel about Harrison. Yum.

  4. Beezzez says:

    Yeah Parker’s eyes are a little bit close set. Probably got worse staring at Kirsty Ally all those years.

    Yeah you’re a bit young to know a good bunch of them, you will probably identify more with the ones that will be on my 90’s – 2000’s list when I post that haha.

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