Feelin’ groovy

Wow it’s been a household of sickos around here lately, one after the other of us came down with SOMETHING. Sean seems to have another case of the sniffles it doesn’t appear to be too bad. I’ve run the gamut from my rotten cold to stomach issues in the last few days which hasn’t been any fun.

Tom and I are heading down to Washington State tomorrow to do some shopping and hanging out cos I’ve taken a couple of days off work to try to RELAX. It’s cool we have actual days off together, as I’m mentioned before they are entirely too rare so we enjoy them when we get them. The weather is supposed to be awesome too so yay! I’m all primed and ready to feed the Ross ‘monkey’ and we’re going to grab a ‘linner’ at Anthony’s while we’re there. Mmmmm fish.

I went to the station to hang out with Tom for the night again. I find stuff to amuse myself, like my oh so crappy sketching.
My sad sketch

Yeah I know I suck, but It’s still fun for me. I really want to take lessons one of these years for fun to try and learn some technique anyway. There’s a lot of different kinds of courses I would love to take for fun.. but when does one find the time? Work is pretty demanding and stressful I find I’m pretty wiped when I get home as it is. Eh one of these years I guess.

I’ve been to the station enough times now that the security dude remembers me which is funny. He’s very sweet and I guess he remembers you if you yanno take the time to talk to him. Everyone is nice to me and as I’ve said before it’s interesting to watch things from the other side on occasion. I couldn’t make a habit of going all the time because I’m sure the bloom would wear off the rose pretty fast so I just go now and then.

Visiting Tom at the station

Today I had to run my Mom over to the walk in clinic because she’s got some kind of infection thing going on in her eye. Took a fricking three hours to finally get home. It’s so much easier with scheduled appointments, but her doctor (who also happens to be mine) decided to take some time off so she couldn’t go yesterday and of course they are closed Sundays. It always seems to happen that way, when you need them they ain’t available. Ah well, I’m home now and I don’t plan on going ANYWHERE all night. Tom’s working, but this is his Friday so it’s all good.

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