Tom’s ‘Boing’ list 1960’s through the 1970’s

Yep,everyone has one, that list of Celeb crushes that may have been fleeting, or still last to this very day who regardless made some kind of impression on us. Tom and I have always had a blast telling each other about them, but to sit, think and write down in our own words just what was it about those special ‘someones’ was fun to do. Tom calls this his ‘Boing’ list for reasons that should be obvious.

My list is a LOT longer than Tom’s which shows how incredibly fickle I am I guess! Mind you some of them have lasted the decades, whether or not we prefer to freeze them in time is another story!

Each decade will be a different post under each of our names, even though it SHOULD be obvious who the lists belong to…This first post of Toms has one entry from the 1960’s but I can’t help it that Tom’s old (heehee). Where possible there are pictures of the Celebs ‘then’ and ‘now’ this took a fricking long time to put together! They aren’t in any particular order of importance.

We start with Tom’s circa 1960- 1970 is his own words….

Late 60’s

Yvonne Craig – a.k.a. Batgirl from the original “Batman” TV series.

I was only about 7 years old, so this probably doesn’t qualify as a “crush” per se, but she still caught my attention, if only for a brief time (once the show was over she was out of sight, out of mind). Looking back at her other work over the years, I probably should have given her more bandwidth in my short attention span…she seems to have held up QUITE well!


Caroline Ellis- Okay, I had to look up both her character name and her real name, because we’re talking really fuzzy memory here. She played Joy on “The Bugaloos,” a show that I barely remember…not because I was 9 years old, but because it was a pretty lame show. I don’t remember any feelings of undying love for “Joy,” but she wore a skimpy costume that showed off her legs, which is enough to turn any guy’s head (proves my pigginess started at an early age!).


Nina from Zoom – I can’t seem to find any information about her on IMDB, so I’ll have to go from memory. She was one of the original cast members (circa 1972…which would make me about 10 or 11), and probably a couple of years older than I was, so maybe I once had a thing for older women? Either that or it was the way she spoke Ubbi Dubbi.


Holly from “Land of the Lost” – Doubt it was the braids or the plaid shirt…I think it was the way she could act all sweet and innocent one minute, then beat a Sleestack senseless with a rock the next. Her whining started getting on my nerves, but then Chaka came along and was even MORE annoying, so she started calming down a bit. One year the cast was present at a Macy’s parade, so the hosts interviewed them briefly…it was the first time I saw her with normal hair (HUGE improvement!).


Valerie Bertinelli- Oh please, find me a teenage boy back in 1975 who DIDN’T think she was the hottest thing to hit the TV screen!And she only got better and better with age, at least during the run of “One Day At A Time”…haven’t seen her lately, but I hear she’s holding up a zillion times better than Eddie.

Mid 70’s

Stockard Channing- She totally hit her stride in “The West Wing,” but even before that I’ve noticed her over the years. Not so much in the movie Grease (she was too skanky in that role), but I did see her once in a movie called The Girl Most Likely To, about an ugly girl in college who gets into a car accident, and reconstructive surgery makes her beautiful (and murderous…believe it or not it’s a comedy!). When I first heard that she was cast as the First Lady on West Wing, I was on Cloud Nine!


Kristy McNichol- Yes, I know she’s bi-sexual…but I didn’t know it back then (probably wouldn’t have cared, either). I really hated that show she was on (Family), but I still managed to sit through a couple of episodes to humour her. She did a movie a few years later called Just The Way You Are, which was a total soapy chick-flick but I still enjoyed it (and not just because she did a half-second semi-nude scene).

Lauren Tewes- Julie on “The Love Boat”…and that’s about all I’ve ever seen her in. She’s not too high up on my list, but she was there when I was in my formative years, so she gets a mention.


Jan Smithers- Bailey Quarters on “WKRP In Cincinnati.” Lots of guys were hot for Loni Anderson, but I thought Bailey was the bomb…not sure if it was the glasses or the “shy girl” routine, but whatever it was, it worked!

Late 70’s

Catherine O’Hara- We’re talking back in the “Second City TV” days, as well as a few of her movies…
I guess she appeals to my propensity for women with a sense of humour. However I once saw her being interviewed, and she started talking a little too much about how religious she is, which will rip a name off my list really quick!


Sigourney Weaver- Three words: Alien panty scene! (couldn’t help it…I was a teenager). The only other time she caught my attention was when she was blonde in the movie Galaxy Quest…not a bad look for her, and I’m not exactly partial to blondes!

Late 70’s or Early 80’s
Elisabeth Sladen- She played Sarah Jane in Dr. Who, a show I would catch from time to time and would be occasionally entertained by. She was only in a handful of episodes, but I was hooked!
Again, it’s another
example of how I didn’t always go for the obvious sexpot types…there was another character in later episodes named Leela, whom most teenage boys lusted after, mainly because she wore skimpier costumes (if you’ve been paying attention, you’re probably thinking “Ah-hah!! Then how do you explain Joy from The Bugaloos? Hmmm?” For one thing, I was about ten years younger and a lot less sophisticated. For another, pickin’s were slim in that show…it was either Joy or Benita Bizarre, who was played by Martha Raye…actor, denture wearer. Need I say more?).

Coming soon…. Belinda’s Rockin’ 70’s hottie list….

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  1. no Marsha Brady? No Laurie Partridge? tf dude?

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