Day trippin and feeding the monkey

We had a nice day together down in B’ham. Sean wasn’t able to come with, yanno, having school and all (sorry Son don’t mean to rub it in). I fed the Ross monkey, bought nine tops and a pair of Nine West slides I’m DYING to wear (come on Summer!!). Actually, come to think of it, all the clothes I bought are more warm weather stuff but tis all good, we are finally getting weather that doesn’t make Spring/Summer so far away.

After our bout of shopping we went for a walk to work off breakfast, and to work up an appetite for ‘Linner’ at Anthony’s. It was a lovely sunny day to start with but slowly the clouds began to creep in. Anywhere by water is always going to be cooler, and the winds kicked up a bit as you can see by my hair, which is my impression of a Cockatoo.

windy day


Tom courting DANGER

We were a wee bit disappointed by our food at Anthony’s. We tried a newer fish dish of Alder Planked Halibut, which sounded and smelled really great, but they kind of, I dunno, greased it up some with a sauce that seemed too buttery or something. I like halibut because it’s a more ‘dry’ fish, but this kind of slimed it up. Oh well, like Tom said at least we tried the newer dish. I would have stuck with my usual, but they’ve taken it off the menu *sigh*. I hope it’s temporary. There are plenty of other seafood dishes there that are fantastic, just gonna write this one off…


Looks better than it is

We picked up some goodies for the Boys while down there, stuff you can’t get up here… of which there is plenty to choose from. Sean’s ‘treats’ are limited these days with all that’s going on in his mouth but Tom noticed these chocolate mint things, similar to what is given out at the O.G. and it was an instant hit. He saw them at this restaurant supply store that’s somehow affiliated with Smart and Final that he managed to locate via the Internet (isn’t the Internet grand!) Oh yeah and we got him Funyuns (ick) which he loves. He got hooked on them thanks to my friend Bill who sent me some a few years back. After one bite, Sean was the recipient of what was left (sorry Bill).

Now we are going to kick back and enjoy the first evening of our two days together with a glass of wine for yours truly, and a glass of bourbon for Tom. Medium is a repeat tonight dammit, but CSI Miami looks new…. good times!

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2 Responses to Day trippin and feeding the monkey

  1. Bill says:

    Well at least someone likes them. That Sean is a pretty sharp youngster. Some folks just dont appreciate good food. sigh.

  2. Beezzez says:

    Well that comment made HIM smile. You both must have had your tastebuds amputated when you were young…

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