The 1980’s B’s List

Ah yes the 80’s, my formative years. The decade where I went from Teen, to young adult, to Mother. That’s a lot of changes to go through in ten years.

The 80’s, scourge though it was to the world of fashion, it was for the most part a fun period in my life and a time of so SO many firsts… My first date, the first time I was felt up, the first time I got drunk, first party, first time I went to a bar (underaged of course) the first time I broke a boy’s heart, first job, first kid (I’m leaving out the whole first time I had sex, first husband thing cos I’m in denial about that time of my life. Oh yeah and by the way my Kids are immaculate conceptions, my story and I’m sticking to it!)

The top ten things I couldn’t live without in the 80’s:

1. Joico Ice Mist – This stuff was the dream hairspray of a club queen. You could spray and tease your hair into those big 80’s styles, spray it with Ice Mist and it wouldn’t move, even in a cyclone.
2. Frilly white ankle socks and high heels – This was HUGE for a time. Worn either on bare legs or over hose and your best pair of pumps or strappy sandal’s.
3. Neon – Neon EVERYTHING. I had a neon bikini, neon socks, hell I even dressed my kid in neon shorts when he came along. Can I say ew?
4. Ankle length skirts that buttoned up the back – hard to walk in and had a tendency to open up and show your goodies without you knowing it. These were RILLY RILLY cute worn with those white dress shirts that you tucked in and puffed out at the waist along with some kind of fancy pin to close the neck. OMIGOD!!
5. Tube skirts – The most comfortable skirt ever. I was a skinny rail back then so I could get away with wearing these. Unfortunately people who weren’t skinny also wore them…ack!
6. Which leads me to the advent of spandex – Anything spandex, I bought it. From ‘Danskin’ body suits to leggings I was all about the spandex.
7. LA Gear runners – I loved these shoes because they made my feet look teeny and cute. This was the height of the Aerobic craze so it was expected to dress cool to go to your gym and aerobisize.
8. Feather combs or hair picks in the back pocket of your jeans – Everyone, simply everyone (depending if they were a feathered hair person or a permed person) had a comb or pick sticking out of the back pocket of their Seafarers, Calvins or Jordaches… which leads me to..
9.Designer jeans – The more ornate the better. Girls, Guys.. didn’t matter, everyone had a whole lot of embroidery going on. This was also a period where jeans were worn the tighter, the better. Many a girl would lay down on their beds and pull up their jean zippers with a coat hanger.
10.TONS of eye makeup – Ok, we weren’t all Tammy Faye Bakers, but we came close. The 80’s were all about raccoon eyes. Think Donna Mills from Knott’s landing, or Alexis Carrington from Dynasty. The more over-the-top the better. I was as guilty as the next girl slapping on tons of eye-liner, thick multiple coats of mascara and smokey eye shadow. I though I looked GOOOOOOOOD.

I found a fun site to go through dedicated to all that is the 80’s so like click on the link Like fer sure to check it out…

This was also a time when my interest in Men was fully developed. My tastes stayed pretty eclectic though. I can’t say I’ve ever really gone down the path of the obvious heartthrob, though one or two did slip though.

Now without further ado…on to the list..

John Corbett – 1980’s

What drew me to him originally was the free spirit he played on Northern Exposure. He was this kind of this airy, gentle, soothing ummmm ok… sexy beast! I have to admit didn’t see much more of him or give him much though even until Sex and the City but grrrrrrrrrrrrowwwwlllll HUBBA HUBBA when he played Aiden!! Can we say yummy??? I could have KICKED Carrie’s ass for breaking his heart!!And over BIG??!?!?!?!?! BUH!!! K I have to say though, Tom spoiled my fantasy when he found pics of him and his ‘band’ in recent days. Eww can we say HAIRCUT AND SHOWER PLEASE?? Ohhh Aiden where for art thou??

John Cougar (screw the Mellencamp) – 1980’s

I saw him as this cool and rebellious type with his ciggies rolled up in the arm of his white T-shirt and that tumble down lock of hair over his forehead, this kind of James Dean-esque quality he possessed. I’ve always had a soft spot in me for musicians, I dated a couple of them in fact. Nothing could melt me faster than a guy playing his guitar and singing for me. Too bad so many of them can only carry on a conversation about music and pretty much nothing else…. I saw ‘The Coug’ in concert before he hit it big here in Vancouver. He was supposed to be playing in the big venue of the time “The Pacific Coliseum”, but it didn’t sell out so they moved him over to the Agrodome (where they put on cow and horse shows how HUMILIATING!) and he did a fantastic job. The next time he rolled into town, he was famous and sold out two shows at the coliseum. Have to admit, he does ZILCH for me now.

Elvis Costello – 1980’s

I guess I liked his music enough to kind of ignore the fact he isn’t exactly good looking, but he’s just got something. He had this kind of hipster cool thing going on that I found attractive. He was kind of maintenance, temper tantrums, taking a stand yanno not bowing for the MAN it was appealing!

Mandy Patinkin – 1980’s

How could you not love him in the Princess Bride where he was all swash-buckley? Mandy has one of those faces where all the cares in the world are etched in those deep facial grooves. He’s always played characters that were slightly off-kilter but that’s half the fun!He again isn’t what you would typically call handsome, but he’s quirky and I’m all about quirky. I was a huge Chicago Hope fan back in the 90’s and I loved his character Doctor Geiger. We stared watching his current show Criminal Minds a bit late in the season but I’m now thoroughly hooked, especially after I realized he was one of the cast.

Jack Lemmon – 1980’s

When I finally got my own TV in my room it was a small black and white, nothing fancy. I spent a lot of late nights (severe night owl that I am) curled up in bed watching old movies. One of the first I ever saw was a movie that ‘starred’ Henry Fonda call Mr. Roberts (a great movie I may add). Jack’s character in the movie, a wanna-be ladies man was so cute and goofy,
I’ve mentioned I like goofy before right? After that, when ever I saw there was a Jack Lemmon movie on I made a point of watching it when I could. ‘Some Like it Hot’ was and is one of my favourite movies EVARRRR, and he’s so adorable in it, even when he’s dressed up as a girl. He’s one of those types that stayed cute all through his life, even when he got old. Loved him in the ‘Grumpy Old Men’ movies. He and Anne Margaret were such a cute couple. Yeah I loved his old fartish self too. It was sad when I heard he died, but man he worked right up until the end, gotta respect that.

Richard Dean Anderson (“MacGyver”)- 1980’s

Oh Richard, Richard…. You are a guy who looks a whole lot more yummy in person than on TV, especially with that bad 80’s do that you had. I got a chance to ‘meet’ him once when I was in my early 20’s. They filmed MacGyver here in the Vancouver area and his production company was housed in my old Junior High building in Burnaby one of Vancouver’s ‘burbs (this was before they tore it down to build another HS there). I saw all the fuss going on and stopped to checked it out. He came out while I was chatting to some crew guy outside and was super nice to talk to. I had to run to go pick up ‘The Boy’ from my Mom’s so I left. My Mother chewed me out even said I was retarded for not staying! She said she would have kept The Boy longer. What did she expect me to get a date out of it?? I was married for Crissakes!! (side note… ewwww at who I was married TO)

Paul Newman – 1980’s

How could one NOT fall for this man? He’s the epitome of old Hollywood, who made women’s hearts flutter. A real MANLY man. I went to the Vancouver Indy a number of years back and had a pit pass which gave me the rights to get into areas the regular folk cannot. I went for a walkabout to buy a jacket at one of the vendors stalls (it got cool and I wasn’t prepared) and on the way back I sauntered through where the crews keep the spare racecars. I struck up a conversation with some of the pit crew and I found out Paul was there at the race (he owns CART racecars) so I tried to stalk him, but DARN IT just my luck, no dice, he avoided me the whole day. Yeah he was kind of old then, but still was a hot old guy at that time. He’s kind of crusty now.

Pierce Bronson – 1980’s

He’s one of the prettier guys on my ‘list’ I guess, but not in an effeminate way. He caught my eye back watching Remmmington Steele. It was a corny show, but I really didn’t care. I remember the buzz going around that he would make the ideal James Bond replacement but his contract with the show wouldn’t allow him to get time off to film a movie. I guess things work out in the end as he did eventually take over the character. I never did see any of his Bond films as really they’ve ceased to interest me at all. I do give him a big thumbs up for sticking by his first wife when she was sick and then when he did get around to marrying again, has married a girl that’s not exactly a stick bug. It shows he has substance. I mean wow, a curvy girl has one of the best looking men in Hollywood for a hubby. You go girl!

John Cusack – 1980’s

He’s one of those guys that’s dorky-cool. Not your stereo-typical good looking guy, not that many on my list ARE. He so passed by my radar when I saw 16 candles, he was just one of the nerd friends in the movie. It took a few years to notice him in the various chick flicks he starred in during the 80’s. I know a LOT of women who love John Cusack and most of them find it funny that they aren’t the only one who loves him.

Mel Gibson – 1980’s

I never saw any of the ‘Mad Max’ movies so the first time I noticed Mel was ‘Lethal Weapon’. Wow those eyes! That accent!! That Butt!!!!! Even with that bad 80’s puffy ‘do he has going on I was able to give him the love. My favourite Mel period though was the way he looked in the movie ‘Forever Young’. I think he has also improved with age, but now he’s gone all pious and religoid on me he’s so OFF the list. OFF OFF OFF!!

Denzel Washington – 1980’s

St Elsewhere is where I discovered dear Denzel. He was/is a handsome devil, the bonus is that he’s also an amazing actor and not just a great big sugary blob of eye candy. Problem is since seeing him in the movie ‘Fallen’ every time I see him, I hear the song ‘Time is on my Side’ and that song sticks with you for-EVAR! That aside, he’s still very much on my list!

Kevin Kline – 1980’s

When I was young one of my many many boyfriends (yeah I was a fickle so-and-so back then) took me to see ‘Sophie’s Choice’, which was really not much of a date movie! Too damn DEPRESSING!!! But I got wrapped up in the story and drawn to ‘Sophie’s’ kind of psycho boyfriend played by Kevin Kline. I’ve loved him all along, through most of his roles especially Otto in what has to be my all time favourite movie ‘A Fish Called Wanda’. “ASSSSSShhooooooollllleeeeeee!!!!!!”
He happens to be married to Phoebe Cates who has a place of honour on Tom’s list. She’s quite a bit younger than him and they’ve been married for quite a long time by Hollywood standards, so good for them. They were an awfully cute couple which I think also makes him attractive, to know he can be in a functional relationship, or at least what appears as one. He’s kind of starting to hit the old wall now though, but Phoebe still looks amazing. What I find particularly distasteful is he’s obviously not listening to his inner voice and is saying YES to the wrong films lately. I mean a remake of ‘The Pink Panther’ oy! Lame!

Stay tuned for Tom’s favourite females of the 80’s.

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4 Responses to The 1980’s B’s List

  1. Jen says:

    John Corbett is totally on my mom’s list, ever since Northern Exposure and beyond. One day, she met him! At a biker bar! She walked right up to him and said, “Carrie should’ve married you!” And then she proceeded to coo all over him about his TV and movie work, specifically Northern Exposure, b/c he played a DJ, and my mom was a DJ for 30 years, and blah blah.

    When she called to tell me this story, I died. Absolutely died. She said he was tall and charming, and even my stpedad, who was there, agreed that he was very attractive! He was in full leathers, had stopped for a beer with a friend, somewhere in the Solvang, California area (where I’m from). Apparently, he lives in that area part-time, with his girlfriend Bo Derek. She totally should’ve tried to grab his butt, or something!

  2. Beezzez says:

    Yanno, we always think about the butt grabbing when it’s too late!

  3. Tom says:

    Hey Hon, if that 80’s site you linked to is so all-inclusive, how come it doesn’t mention Piano Ties? Hmmm???

  4. Beezzez says:

    Now did I say it was ALL inclusive Mr. I owned a Piano tie? I believe it’s one of those sites you can suggest things to so why don’t you submit your fashion faux pas heehee.

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