Tom’s 80’s Boing list

Tom’s taste in Women is as ummmm… ‘eclectic’ as my taste in men…even MORE so..

Here in his own words is his 80’s list of the women that made him go boinggggggg…

Lily Tomlin- She was a regular on “Laugh In” back in the late 60’s/early 70’s, but I hardly ever got to see her as herself, only as her characters…as sexy as some people found Ernestine the operator, she just wasn’t my cup of tea. What put her on my list was the movie “Nine to Five.” While most guys were staring at Dolly Parton’s boobs (okay, so I might have glanced once or twice myself), I was noticing Lily for the first time…clever, witty, smart-ass, etc etc, I guess those were what got my knickers in a twist. I even thought she was a hottie in “All of Me,” even though she played a mean, nasty old bat. Over the years you’ve seen her make some ugly faces for the sake of comedy, but believe me, she cleans up nice!

Phoebe Cates- Yes, I’m forced to admit it: the “carrot” scene in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” managed to stir the monster a bit. Most guys talk about her nude scene in that film, but I dunno…I’m more into the whole package, and I like to think I’m above simply reducing her to a few seconds of on-screen nippleage. I thought she was incredible in Gremlins, and even her prissy role in Drop Dead Fred turned my head.

Mid 80’s
Michelle Pfeiffer- Remember an episode of The Partridge Family where they audition some female singer who was horribly off key, but Keith thought she was wonderful because he was listening with his eyes (and probably other anatomical parts)? That was pretty much me watching Grease 2 on cable the first time (who am I kidding, the first FEW times!). It’s a rather horrible film filled with stupid songs, but I was in a daze watching Michelle! A few years later she did another film called Ladyhawke, which fortunately didn’t have any singing but was still a rather lame movie…again, I didn’t notice.

*late 80’s
Kathleen Sullivan- One of the original co-hosts of “CBS This Morning.” She always looked like she just rolled out of bed and wasn’t fully awake yet…not sure why I thought that was sexy, but she made it sexy! Sadly, she was fired and replaced by Paula Zahn, and I’ve never forgiven Paula for it…not that I would have ever fallen for her buck teeth to begin with.

*Only photo of Kathleen on the ‘net not what she looked like back in the day…

Winona Ryder- Okay, we’re getting into a little bit of creepy territory here, since she’s a good ten years younger than me.
I think I first saw her in “Beetle Juice,” playing the troubled goth-teenager, but that’s not the role that did it for me (besides, Catherine O’Hara was also in it, so I was boingedly occupied). Probably “Heathers” was the first movie of hers that put her on my list…although that whole mental breakdown/kleptomaniac issue from a few years ago has put her on suspension.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio- She was placed on my list when I saw the movie The Abyss, and the only other thing I’ve ever seen her in was a low-budget (but still entertaining) movie called “White Sands.” I’ve seen one or two recent photos of her, and she’s not exactly holding up as well as others on my list.

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