Bee’s final list 1990 through the 2000s

And now we have it, the final installment. I present my list 1990 – present.

Matthew McConaughey -1990’s

‘A time to Kill’ is what hooked me on Matthew. He was all sweaty and appealing and lawyerly like, but a lawyer who CARED, yeah a man who cares, and is sweaty..hmmmm. I remember going to this movie and telling my friend Kitty how hot this guy was but the movie poster didn’t convince her. Hahhh redemption later when I got elbowed several times through the movies when she realized more and more how hot he really was. He seems like a real laid back kind of dude. I mean he was up here filming a movie and stayed in an Airstream Trailer and cooked his food outside of it. So not Hollywood, that is very cool. Of course with his money I would be all about 5 star hotels, but that’s just me.

Antonio Banderas – 1990’s

I tried to sit through ‘Interview with a Vampire’ but I just couldn’t, for one thing I kind of hate Tom Cruise. Yeah Antonio’s English is kind of ehhhh even after living in the States for GOD knows how long? But then again yum, who cares??!! He’s so easy on the eyes and seems like a nice guy. I mean he’s married to that psycho Melanie Griffiths, stood by her through all her drugging so he’s loyal at least. My limo driver in LA told me once that Antonio apologized to him in advance for anything his Wife may do or say. Nice! He said Antonio was a really good Father, was playing games with their Daughter practically on the floor of the Limo. That took him even a few more notches up in my esteem, good Father, good boy! He also was the voice of “Puss in Boots” in ‘Shrek 2’ and oh my God was so good at it. Yeah He’s very much alive on ‘the list’.

Tommy Lee Jones – 1990’s to 2000’s

Are you kidding me? You didn’t think he was hot in those knee socks and shorts in Men in Black II?? Ummm for me it was ‘The Fugitive’ that got me hooked on my ‘other’ Tommy. I LOVE his acting, it’s effortless and I absolutely LOVE this line “Alright, listen up, people. Our fugitive has been on the run for ninety minutes. Average foot speed over uneven ground barring injuries is 4 miles-per-hour. That gives us a radius of six miles. What I want from each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area. Checkpoints go up at fifteen miles. Your fugitive’s name is Dr. Richard Kimble. Go get him.” He’s this kind of Texas good ol boy and he has THE best deadpan face ever. He’s HUGE to me! I’ve found an older pic where he’s not wearing his piece and I dunno he kinda looks like a homeless guy accepting an Oscar, but I’m trying to pretend he NEVER looks THAT bad!

Ian Hanomansing late 1990’s

AKA Ian Hunkymanthing. Most news anchor types do ZERO for me, but this guy is not only handsome, but has one of the coolest deepest soothing voices on television. He’s on the CBC network and totally drool-worthy. Problem is, I tend to tune out what he’s actually saying, prrrrobably not the desired result of a news program eh?

Ewan Mcgregor – 1990’s

I can’t say for sure when he caught my eye because I never saw Trainspotting, but I had seen him in SOMETHING, maybe an advert or something and it piqued my interest. The Boys are both huge Star Wars fans so we went to see all the ‘prequels’ and he made them bearable, barely! Ok the third was wasn’t SO bad and I could sit through the second but the first…? Eeesshh. Anyway, he’s a hottie and still very much alive on my list.

George Clooney – 1990’s

I though he looked dorky in ‘The Facts of Life’. Yes. Sadly I was a regular viewer of that show. He was KIND of cute on Rosanne as ‘Booker’ their Supervisor at the plastic plant but he didn’t hit it for me until ER. I have mixed feelings about ER because it was also one of those hospital dramas that took place in Chicago and they kind of killed ‘Chicago Hope’. There was only room for one in the long hall. What was bizarre for me is there was no where NEAR the stellar casting that ‘Chicago Hope’ had, but then again they had George Clooney. He is one guy that completely and utterly improved with age. He is a guy that inspires a total GRRRROOOOWWWWWLLLL when I see him in anything. He’s a natural when he’s interviewed and his reactions are inspired like when Jon Stewart made the comment that “Good night and good luck’ is how George ends all his dates, he laughed and then did a frown and sideways look for the camera. Yeah he’s good! I was hooting and hollering when he won his Oscar. I was alone at the time but still. Go George!

Ben Stiller – 2000’s

‘There’s something about Mary’ when the camera pans to Ben and his little braced up face and that curled up smile he did? Too cute! Then of course once he grew up, passed the “Franks and Beans” stage in the movie I was like hmmmm… I think it took a couple of more movies to realize that he’s actually quite attractive. What I find interesting is that his look is so intense with a kind of brooding look and dark strong brow, but his rubber face softens it. I mean I guess his lineage predestined him to be in comedy (although personally I find his Father a wee bit over the top). He’s again, not classically handsome but he’s darn cute. Hated the green jumpsuit routine on the Oscars but I will let that one go.

Jon Stewart – 2000’s

Someone said it, can’t remember who but I’m quoting it: “Sexiest Jewish Man on TV” Not that being Jewish has anything to do with it, but he’s proud of his heritage which is cool, so whatever. He’s got those limpid doe eyes, quick wit, great double takes and cheeky humour that just melts a girl with a brain cos it’s obvious he has one too. I would call myself a Liberal (yeah I know Bill a bleeding heart one too) and he just gets my liberal juices flowing.

Steve Carell – 2000’s

I love a man who can make me laugh.I fell for Stevey-baby when I first watched the Daily Show on my many many visits to Tom in LA. Those of us poor folk on Canadian basic cable (even with the full package) didn’t get the Daily Show back then. He piqued my interest during the 2001 Daily show Presidential campaign coverage where Steve was following candidate Howard Dean. Any man that can sing and dance along with James Brown’s ‘I feel good’ during an interview AND keep it together has my heart. Tom was in the shower while I was watching it and could hear me in complete hysterics in the living room, I had to try and gasp out an explanation through my tears. I fell deeper after watching Bruce Almighty as ‘Bruce’ messed with ‘Evan’ on air. I can rewind and watch that scene over and over again and still cry with laughter. The 40 year old virgin raised him to comic GOD in my eyes, and he’s cute too even with long false eyelashes (The Oscars) to boot!

Colin Firth – 2000’s

Bridget Jone’s Diary did it for me. I didn’t see him in Pride and Prejudice in the wet shirt, and to be honest even for him I won’t sit through that kind of dribble (popcorn movie girl that I am) but I loved him in this. His turn around from stuffy ass to handsome suitor (he even got cuter as he got more appealing in the movie, at least to me). He had me at “No, I like you very much. Just as you are.”

Heath Ledger -2000’s

Yeah ok he’s YOUNG but who cares???? He’s REALLY cute! I loved him in “The Ten Things I hate About You” and “A Knight’s Tale” He is one guy that’s improved with age. He has an accent too, hmmmm notice a theme? He seems to be a devoted partner too and he’s always going on about his baby and Lady. Hope that’s really what he’s all about or he will just have to LEAVE my list.

Liam Neeson – 2000’s

I guess for me, it was still pictures that got me more than moving. He was also one of the few good things about Star Wars Episode one, but the KILLED HIM OFF!! He’s just this big burly Irish guy that’s really appealing, very Manly! Love the crags in his face, they add character and he’s also another, at least has the appearances of being a devoted family man. Very sexy.

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