Tom’s Boing list 1990 – Present

Tom and I are in our (cough)forties(cough)although, I just hit that decade and he’s well ensconced in it (heh). It’s funny to look back at who interested us back then, compared to who does it for us now. Some of them as we’ve mentioned stayed happily on the list, some, like old girl/boyfriends in your past you look back and go “What the HELL was I thinking?” Those ones are the most fun, because no matter how hard you try to explain what it was, some people just won’t get it…

Here is Tom’s list from the 1990’s through to current days….again these are his words.

Early 90’s
Giselle Fernandez- I’d like to take credit for “discovering” her on my own, but I can’t…a guy I worked with at a CBS affiliate pointed her out to me, and I had to agree about her babe-disciousness.

Early 90’s
Laura Kightlinger- First saw her in the early days of Comedy Central, back when they did more shows featuring stand-up comedians. I guess she kinda had a Valerie Bertinelli-esque quality to her looks…but also her sense of humour won me over.

Mid 90’s
Nicole Sulivan- I think she was one of the first cast members on Mad Tv, but I didn’t really notice her until she appeared on some talk show (Letterman, I think) a few years later…she was really funny, extremely quick-witted, and possibly crazy, especially the way she could snap from one mood to another. Do I have a secret longing for psycho chicks???

Mid 90’s
Debra Wilson- Another first season Mad TV alumnus. Kinda freaky looking, really, but there’s something exotic about her. I think she first attracted my notice when she did some skit where she got all hot and horny for the guest host, and she could really sell it…boinggggg!!!!

Mid 90’s
Naomi Campbell- No, I wasn’t going through a “black phase” in the mid 90’s…it’s just a coincidence that both Debra and Naomi appeared on my list around the same time (I don’t consider skin colour to be a factor one way or another – a hotty’s a hotty!). Naomi is probably the only “Super Model” on my list…she once did a cameo on Ab Fab, and I thought she was awesome. Sadly, I’ve seen her lately and she’s starting to look like a drag queen (*erase erase erase*).

Mid 90’s?
Suzanne Vega- When she
first appeared on the music scene I couldn’t stand any of her songs, and when I saw her album cover I thought she looked like a martian. Then one time I saw her on a talk show (Letterman again? Do I owe Dave for bringing out the best in my women?) and realized she doesn’t look bad at all…and listening to her talk about life, and her opinions on things like religion and politics totally raised her stock in my portfolio. Still can’t stand her music, tho…Sorry Suze!

Jane Krakowski- One of the few blondes on my list (see Nicole Sullivan and Holly from Land of the Lost). She was my favourite character on Ally McBeal…and I’ve since seen her co-hosting with Regis Philbin and doing a fantastic job (I think she even tried for the job after Kathy Lee quit, but was probably too charming and witty and tended to upstage Reeg).

Early 2000’s
One or more of the Las Ketchup chicks- Okay, this one’s gonna sound a little weird. I was working at a Spanish TV station, and we kept airing a video of these three women singing a rather infectious tune called “Asereje” (Ah-Ser-ah-hay, but it sounds more like “I said a-hey”). I seem to remember thinking at least one of the singers was rather attractive, but when I looked up their pictures I can’t seem to remember which one I liked (it’s probably one of those situations where someone looks way different in a moving video vs. a still photo). Lordy I hope it was the Brunette…the redhead reminds me of a dude trying to impersonate Cher or something.

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