Local filming in Vancouver

Mock News vendor for Pilot of ‘Men in Trees’
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

They were filming a pilot for some new TV show just down the street from my office. Vancouver was taking the place of ‘A busy New York street’ according to the letters that were posted outside of our office building.

They threw up some US flags on the buildings, a news vendor stand and Bob’s your Uncle… it’s New York..*cough*. Well I’m sure at street level a city street is a city street, just as long as they don’t point the camera’s yanno… UP or anything. We have a number of highrise buildings but not a lot and certainly not by New York standards.

The poor production assistant guarding the news stand kept getting asked for a paper/candy bar. It’s not REAL people!! HELLOOOOOO!!

Filming a pilot for Men in TreesIt was a quick shoot four hours or so. We are pretty used to film crews about town so no big, but this was a busy street scene meaning LOTS of extras with shopping bags walking BACK AND FORTH which made getting by them, yanno crossing the street etc a bit of a challenge.

What amazes me is how fast they tear down when they are done. There are props, trucks and equipment everywhere, even a little tent thingie where they are serving refreshments. Once they are done, these professionals are tearing it all down and packing it away without a trace just like it never happened.

Very cool.

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