Tom’s excellent adventure

Lucky Tom got to spend a gorgeous sunny Spring day up Cypress Mountain this past Monday thanks to a free day pass! I was trying to get him to blog about his because I honestly think he’s hilarious and I love to read his stuff, but he got all shy-like and stuff.. pah!

So whatever, I will just make stuff up along with facts =oP

He got up as early as his tired old bones would allow, true he hadn’t gotten home from work until 1:00 am the previous night but eh, excuses excuses.

He HAD to check his email before he left, I know because I got one from him. Tom’s addicted to the Internets…not me though, nope nope nope…ehem.

After checking out how his butt looked in his ski pants he got in his car and drove to Cypress, one of our local mountains.

There had been a light dusting of snow in the mountains the previous night so it added a nice touch of fresh powder to an already impressive base, especially considering it’s getting later in the season. The local hills are more vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature. I mean this is a rain forest after all, and this is usually a warmer wetter time of year for us.

He skipped with joy over to the first ski lift, seeing that there was no real line up and got right on for the first run of the day.


In fact he tried several different runs throughout the day, and upon discovering one lift had a line up of 7 WHOLE people in front of him, He figured screw that and went back to the other runs the rest of the day.

He remembered he was 40*cough*+ when he went down a diamond run and decided to stick to the blue runs the rest of the day.

His Wife was VERY proud to discover he actually remembered to take his camera AND take pictures (not just the usual 3 or 4 either)


What a nice day!!

When he got hungry, he ate a Mountain refreshments stand barf-burger and cursed his decision to not bring a sammich with him. He knew from the last ski trip with Sean that these hamburgers were oh-so-scary.

I’m super glad he got a chance to go skiing and actually Ski. He was so good taking Sean up with him that last time. Sean and his wimpy legs and fear of ski lifts. He actually got about 15 runs in this time before he had to head home.

He was trapped in rush hour traffic coming home and decided on the spot that the next time he goes, he will drag his sorry butt out of bed earlier…

The day after he was Mr. Stiffy. Not in THAT way. Sheesh.

The rest of his pictures HERE IN FLICKR

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