“album cover” “bald head” “socks”

That was a search that I found in my blog stats…

I am so not sure what exactly they were shooting for results wise, but whatever! Makes checking the blog stats interesting, you’re never sure what you’re gonna see in there.

I’m playing taxi service again this weekend. The Boys Father got married for the 3rd time today (April Fools Day, how um interesting) not gonna say who may be a fool there, nope, lips firmly zipped. All I can say is good luck to his new Wife =).

Anyway, the ‘Boy’ is working until 8:00 pm tonight and until um, until who the hell knows when tomorrow (I guess I best find out tonight)which SUCKS because I really want to have a weekend where I stay in pajamas and DON’T MOVE. Is that so much to ask? Stress has kind of got to me lately and I just need some of that kind of time.

Sean and I went to the grocery store and picked up the fixin’s for chocolate chip cookies. I’m going to make some for Tom to bring to the station and feed the crew, plus a batch for the house here which generally go pretty fast. I have this awesome cookie jar that has a great seal and keeps things fresh for quite a while, but being they are home made, lacking in preservatives AND I don’t have a deep freezer, best they are eaten quickly.

So tomorrow is cookie and tax day. I’m going to get all of our taxes done in one shot. I’m sick, I like doing taxes, mind you it’s online with a program. I find it relaxing, yet stimulating, weird huh? I think it helps that we get money BACK. If we were stuck paying I wouldn’t have the fun I have doing it.

Insurance finally paid up for half the $2,200.00 for the initial payment on Sean’s braces. It took over THREE WEEKS for them to send me the cheque. Now I have to wait for my ex’s insurance to pay HIM back, then him to pay it over to us. I’m gonna phone the insurance company in a couple of weeks to ensure I know when they are processing it so I know when to start bugging him for it. We have a $300.00 a month debit to my credit card on top of that. Luckily I’m savvy enough to have saved up a few grand and using that as a float so it never hits our working capital. Once insurance runs out I will use the savings to pay off the rest of our share of the expense which is GOOD fiscal planning. I know it’s the banker in me, what can I say. I don’t LIKE owing money to anyone. Tom and I are both careful with our money which makes life MUCH easier. Now if we could just win that damn lotto.

Oops just saw the time, best dash.

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