I’ve got (clang clang) fsssssss Ssssteam Heat

Ever do something really stupid, like grab something metal that had just been in a 400 degree oven?

I was making, er rather, I was heating up dinner last night for Sean and me (frozen pizza) and I used my super-cool pizza stone. It has one of those rack things that the stone sits on for easy lifting, which is,handy, I guess.

I was cutting the pizza and the stone was rocking a bit so I grabbed the metal handle with my thumb and forefinger and pssssssssssssshhhhhh (finger frying sound) F*@K!!! It HURT! I swear that for a nano-second my hand was fused to the handle. I jumped over to the sink and ran it under cold water right away but it was too late to avoid a pretty deep burn. The skin across my finger kind of puffed up and went white and has now settled into a numb, thick, shiny-puffy strip. I figure I’ve killed all the nerve endings or something because in the past I usually feel some residual pain. The thumb has some pain, mostly discovered when I do anything day to day that involved friction, no, not that kind of friction =)

What pisses me off is that it’s not the first time I have done this with the same damn pizza stone. Maybe it’s some kind of Karmic retribution for feeding my Kid a frozen dinner?

I baked the cookies for Tom to take to the station and every time my hand went near the heat source ACK!! Call me a trouper though. I baked I don’t know HOW many dozen by the time I was done. It was a double batch with some hold outs for the home-front. Tom said they went over well at work and forwarded some nice emails from various Staffers which is cool. At least it wasn’t all for naught.

We are off to the Vancouver Auto Show tomorrow. I am SUCH a car whore so I have a lot of fun at these deals. I just wish they had more concept cars. Tom knows that ever single convertible we pass I am going to sit in. It’s the law.

One day I’m going to have a two-seater convertible sports car with NO room for anyone but us. No Kids, no future Grandkids. That’s what Grampa Tom’s car is gonna be for, the old fart.

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