Toys R Us

Tuesday evening was Auto show day, erm or rather evening. Like I mentioned before I’m a real car whore, particularly those of the convertible persuasion and yes I sat in just about every one I could.

We were sad to discover however, that car manufacturers are for the most part cribbing from the previous years and really there was nothing all that NEW apart from a few wacky concept type vehicles:
(I told the Rep that I thought it looked like a 50’s diner.. check it out it has two steering wheels!!)

ANNNDDD some REALLY tacky-ass custom paint jobs (in the vendor area of the show) yes YOU TOO can have a purple bottomed, oranged top truck with FLAMES all over it OOOoooooohhhh hurt me!! (blah)


My heart still belongs to the VW Bug and the Mini Cooper ragtop but my sex belongs to the Mazda RX8. Put a ragtop on that baby with it’s rotary engine and TOTAL lack of leg room in the back OH YEAH BABY!! I FEEL A DEEP ROOTED LONGING FOR THAT CAR. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Freddy my Mazda3 but come on… we are talking SPORTS CAR HERE!!

Tom and I are exactly opposite on what we like in a car, other than digging on the luxuries of course. He likes big, sturdy cars with what he sees as a certain style. I love curves and sex appeal. We know we will never covet each other’s cars, that’s for sure.

Sean sat in a few of the cars, mostly in the passenger seats but he got into the Jeep with relish.
He could barely be seen over the steering wheel but he has a thirst for cars too. We were joking that he will get his license before Chris ever does, and drive CHRIS around. Sadly, that may not be TOO far off of the truth, he’s just in no hurry to get it. I was 23 when I started to drive, and that was out of necessity when I had a baby to take to the doctor on a BUS reality struck home and I learned how. I’ve never looked back either, I keep telling Chris he will feel that exact way, and not to put it off like me… so far, no takers.

When we were leaving heading towards our car there was this dude who HAD to be late 40’s early 50s roller-blading outside the stadium. He was really showing off skating backwards, swirling around all over the place, total roller-disco moves. Don’t get me wrong I’m impressed that the guy was still out there being active but I have no patience for show-offs. He decided to take it to another level and skate backwards looking over his shoulder DOWN THREE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. Oh yeah, BRILLIANT sunshine!

We watched him go down (brrrrr brrrrr brrrrrrr) clunking down each level and he kind of miscalculated and smacked directly into a lamp standard exclaiming “Oh! A pole!!” when he hit. He managed to grab it and the momentum made him swirl around it with his arms and legs wrapped around it.

I swear the look in his face and the size of his eyes when he hit and looked up our way was PRICELESS!! I can still see it in my mind and I still break into fits of giggles at the mental picture.

It took ALL of my restraint to NOT burst out laughing until we had passed him and he had gotten up to climb the stairs and skate away. I had TEARS and couldn’t catch by breath from laughing! People coming the other direction however didn’t show the same restraint haha.

Gotta love free floor shows!!

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