Murphy’s law: Or is it vacation time yet? Please? Anyone?

How long ago was it that we decided to NOT buy new appliances before we sell this place. I mean they worked right? Even our old realtor had advised us that unless they are ready to completely fall apart, don’t bother.

Well good old Murphy has had something to say about it. The old whore of a dryer has given up the ghost. While we were having dinner I heard some clunking coming out of the laundry room. I thought maybe the load was clumping up because there were some jeans and stuff in it but no it was ok. I shut the door and turned it back on and five minutes later I heard another clunk and then a whirring then a soft hum. No tumbling noise just that hum. When I opened it I realized that it was no longer a tumble dryer. There was no tumbling to be had. Bereft of life it rests in peace….It is an Ex-dryer.

Ok yeah it’s been used a LOT and the 13 years + service it’s given to those many people who have lived here over the years, its years of service has been appreciated I’m sure, but buh!! Oh well, like Tom said we knew it was a matter of time and the washer is also on it’s last legs. I mean it works if you don’t mind having to run everything through two rinse cycles or have soapy clothes.

Tom had gotten ahead on Mount Laundry Pile but it behooves us to get these suckers replaced ASAP. The only thing that worries me is our friend the fridge is starting to make some interesting sounds lately too. I spent a few minutes in front of it telling it to step away from the light, you don’t want to go down that long tunnel. Stayyyy with us….we LOVE YOU!! Crossing my fingers it works.

In light of this new development we are re-thinking our proposed holiday plans of a week of fun+sun in both Las Vegas and LA to just Las Vegas. I don’t care though where we go, I just want to get away for a week somewhere that I won’t be able to get NEAR a computer to check my work email because it’s just too damn easy to get pulled back in even when you’re supposed to be decompressing.

Tom spent many years living in Las Vegas but He’s a good sport about going back. I mean for me it has only good memories, it’s where we met and where we celebrated our marriage (although 1.5 years after the fact) For him, yes, SAME good memories but this was a place he probably spent more time than he ever thought he would and all the drama that comes with life in general. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of the Vegas that only a person who lived there would know about like the place we had our ‘Wedding’ dinner at, this kind of off strip Italian place. Maybe also meet up with one or two people from his past if that works out. Hmm wonder if we could get a tour of his old station, see if I can feel the presence of Howard Hughes’ ghost. Oh yeah and I want an In-and-out burger. Oh In-and-out, how I crave thee.

Speaking of Howard Hughes, he lived here in Vancouver a couple of years before he died. I remember hearing about it as a kid, not having any real clue at the time who Howard Hughes was, but it seemed to cause quite a lot of fuss. He was here just shy of six months and was never seen outside of his room once he checked into the Bayshore Hotel near Stanley Park. Ah to have all the money and be a nut-case. Tom told me stories he heard about how he used to treat Channel 8 in Vegas like his own personal VCR and request certain movies be aired.

Another fun aspect is I also get to once again experience ‘Vacation planning Tom’ and the spreadsheets that accompany him. I shit you not, the man makes spreadsheets. I mean *I* am anal Annie when it comes to certain aspects of life like work, personal organization, taxes, bills, moving etc. But I HATE planning travel. Tom on the other hand, this is where he shines. He loves this stuff and I’m happy to just go along for the ride with sunscreen in hand.

Sean and I were in the baking mood tonight and made some devils food cupcakes.
I had to be a bit creative with the ingredients as we didn’t have any cooking chocolate, I just used cocoa and some shortening to make my own, worked out well though. For icing we made a chocolate glaze which was a HELL of a lot better than the horrible buttercream stuff I tried to make before that really only tasted like BUTTER. I’m not huge on icing anyway, so this is nice and light. Little colourful sprinkle things to finish them off. The cupcakes are REALLY moist and devilicious!

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