Well thanks to Sears we have a new washer dryer coming on Thursday morning. This means that we need to have everything disconnected by then, and my job, to get the laundry room all cleaned and prepared for their arrival. For a 20 bucks each, they are taking away both the old washer and dryer and Tom and I agree it’s the best $20.00 bucks spent (each) to get them the hell out of here.

I’m actually looking forward to having machines that can do a decent job of cleaning our clothes. I have to admit those current ones probably moved dirt around more than actually washed it off. Of course once we sell and buy a new house we may end up with older appliances again. Oh well, we shall cross THAT road when we come to it.

On the plus side I’ve now received the entire insurance reimbursement from both companies from that initial ‘down payment’ on Sean’s brace treatement. That makes the ‘braces’ savings fund look a lot more healthy once again. Thank goodness it’s just the $300.00 a month to cough up and wait for now, at least until Insurance runs out but it’s all good. All accounted for. Like I said I’m a planner, we have the cash which makes us feel a lot better.

We also won’t feel any drain with our vacation as it’s going to be paid for by our tax refund. Oh speaking of which I should get my ass going on finishing the taxes now we have a printer that has ink again. Good thing I held off, I had one more receipt for retirement savings that I forgot about come in which means a bit more money back yay!

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