If you want to make a song more hummy, add a few tiddely poms

Goes to show what you miss when you don’t watch and/or read the news for a couple of days. Winnie the Pooh got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. How freaking funny is that?!

I am a VERY long long time Pooh Freak (my old Boss’s words not mine)I have, well HAD a severe problem. I collected Pooh stuff (well and Bee things cos of my nickname but they often go together anyway, yanno the whole Pooh/Honey thing). I’m sure I’m one a few that knows what the game of Pooh sticks is. I read all the books at a kid and back when I was young it was HARD to find Pooh. Suddenly years later, Pooh suddenly developed cachet and he was EVERYWHERE.

Really though, I wasn’t the one that actually purchased the bulk of it. Once people knew I loved Poohs, Bees or Pooh/Bees I got them in droves. Little gifts left on my desk, sometimes mysteriously which was really really sweet. I kid you not my desk was a Pooh SHRINE.

This isn’t even it at it’s worst…

I was a tour stop on our Head Office orientation after a while. It was featured in a video done for our annual awards night because a camera man who came to shoot Staff doing their thing, and smiling and waving caught sight of me and HAD to come over, which just spread my weirdo rep just that little bit further out amongst the oh other 1000 other people that didn’t already know.

After we moved our office location to the downtown core, and the square inches of my desk shrank as a result I really figured it was time to break down the shrine. I packed it up in a couple of boxes and took the bulk of it home and eventually while we were packing to move to our new condo, I donated some and kept other stuff that was more sentimental.

In other news, our new stackable is in place and doing it’s thang as we speak. Nothing like washing towels and air drying them inside. May as well dry yourself on sandpaper! Man! It’s true! You seriously don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone!

It’s not high-end, it’s completely functional and it’s NEW which is OK by me. It will make the eventual new owner of this place happy too unless they plan on putting in all high end stuff here, but whatever.


By the way, I didn’t do the weird painting shite in there, that was done by the previous owner. We were just to lazy to change it, I mean it’s just the laundry room right? It does kind of give me the dry heaves though.

Cinny wasn’t too sure what the new thing was, she just knows it’s making some strange noises. The little effer sure shakes and boogies as it winds down from a spin.


She decided to watch it from a nice safe vantage point.

Ahhh a FOUR DAY WEEKEND!! Would be a lot nicer if Tom had it off too though. Ah well at least we have next weekend off together and a nice vacation to look forward to in August. I’m off to do research on how to make the perfect Ultra Violet martini. It is SO a martini weekend.

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