I learned a very valuable lesson tonight, don’t look down while walking into the laundry room after you get new machines.

Why you ask? If you’re like me, you may have left the dryer door open after taking a clean load out, walk to your room to get more dirty clothes to wash and walk back into the laundry room forgetting the new dryer door opens OUT towards the doorway NOT towards the wall like the old one.

GONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, That’s the sound my forehead made when I walked into it.

I was baking some more tonight, I felt guilty cos I had given the weekday crew cookies but nothing for the weekend people, so I did another batch of the Devils Food cupcakes to bring to the station tomorrow when I visit. I was planning on making a double batch but I forgot I was running low on the paper cup thingies, just had enough for the one batch. So I supplemented with brownies. When I told Tom he said I was like a Coked up Betty Crocker tonight. Too bad I forgot I had thrown away my square pan a while back cos it was getting gross. Eh, so the brownies were made in a loaf pan, they still taste the same.

My partner in crime at work is back from her Hawaiian vacation and called me this A.M. to relieve me of my ‘on call’ duties (yay!) She’s normally on call now but when she’s away I take it back. It was quiet for the two weeks though fortunately, no emergencies thank GOD. I forgot how much I hated carrying my cell phone everywhere I went, ringer on loud. Six years full time on call duty was PLENTY for me, I was so glad to give it up when she took it on. I’ve missed young grasshopper, it’s been boring without her down in our corner of the Dept. She was saying that due to all the heavy rains, tons of raw sewage went into the seas around Hawaii before she got there making the beaches rather questionable. Can I say EW? She said she didn’t end up going near the water much. Can’t say that I blame her on that one.

My Boss is on her way, or rather is already IN Mexico for some sun and fun, she flew out this morning. Hope you have (or HAD by the time you read this) an excellent time Woman! *grumble, grumble, lucky so-and-so!*

I have to say all this talk of vacation is really making me anxious to get away on ours. Come ON August!!

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