Saturday at the station

It’s rare that we don’t have the Boys for at least part of the weekend so I took advantage of that fact as well as the fact I have extra days off this weekend to go hang out at the station.

We had a nice relaxed breakfast and then headed out. We stopped on the way in to pick up some Easter candy for the folks and had the newly baked treats in hand as well. It was pouring by the time we got downtown but there was enough overhangs on the buildings to keep us pretty much dry with the help of Tom’s umbrella. Me? I rarely have owned one and living in Vancouver it’s almost crazy. Most of the time I’m just some state of soaking WET.

Cherry blossoms

The evening cleared up some though and by the time we had dinner break the sun had kind of come out a bit. I SO love this time of year when there are masses of cherry blossoms everywhere you look. Even in an urban center like downtown Vancouver.



We grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to London Drugs. I had mentioned to Tom that they were selling a multi-region DVD player there really cheap (someone at work had mentioned it) and it turned out it was even on sale so cool! We managed to scoop one so yay! Now I can go nuts at and buy up some of those Brit-coms they don’t sell here. The funny part is it’s also a karaoke machine and it came with a couple of free microphones… We immediately started planning our next evil Christmas plot for the boys.

The evening went by pretty quickly considering it’s a full shift with really nothing for ME to do except watch but it’s still interesting for me to watch the inner workings of tv so I don’t get bored. Plus I get to see Tom on a stretch of lates where I wouldn’t normally. They don’t mind me there, I stay out of the way and I bring treats =).


After a long day once we got home we treated ourselves to a relaxing wind down with a nice glass of WINE!


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