Springtime = new shoes

I’m not sure what it is about spring that bring out the shoe shopper in me. I know a lot of women that believe that any day ending in a ‘Y’ is reason enough to go on a shoe bender. For me it’s spring. Winter I tend to go on a shoe diet and subsist on a couple of pairs of boots and maybe the odd pair of sneakers; but Spring brings the promise of warmth and bare toes. Bare toes make me happy. My feet like being naked. Spring isn’t quite naked toes time, so that means it’s shoe transition time, which means shoe shopping.

I go with the best intentions. To find shoes that take me from the winter blahs into those spring rain/sun-combi days and maybe, just maybe something for those lovely dog days of summer. Visions of cute and comfy footwear dance in my head and all is right with the world.

These days though, I’m finding it a lot harder to find the right shoes.
Gone are the days of suffering for the sake of style. Nowadays, a kitten heel is pushing it for me, and that’s only on special occasions. Give me comfort! But why, oh why dear shoe designer does that often mean UGLY??

I felt my cheerful shoe shopping mood wane a bit when I got to the stores and really looked around but I didn’t come away completely empty handed. They aren’t really cute, but they ARE comfortable and casual and there is always room for that in my shoe closet too.
Cute and comfy shoes, I know you’re out there. Come to Momma.

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2 Responses to Springtime = new shoes

  1. Cousin Sue says:

    I would put the black ones in the “cute” category!

  2. Beezzez says:

    You think so Sue? I kind of agree, but then I’m into Ballet flats. Comes from being on the taller side (again I tended to attract shall we say more vertically challenged guys back in the day) I’m really trying to find something with a little bit of stylin’ and comfort,yanno with a little zip.

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