It’s official – we be going to Vegas!! Woot!!

Got word today that we are good to go, vacations approved, locked and loaded and awaiting countdown! Yippeeee!! Come ON July 31st!!

Tom was going to book earlier in the day but we had “issues” with my misplaced mileage card and the U.S. Credit card which is normally locked away *cough*inmywallet*cough* but all is well! It’s a done deal. As torturous as it is to push that final ARE YOU SURE button is. Right Hon? *teehee*

I bought the bulk of the U.S. Dollars today because the rate was good and with the Staff rate I get even better!! The way things are going it’s gonna be the ’70s all over again. Wouldn’t that be something, even for a while having our dollar on par with the States.. eh probably never happen but it’s nice to be this close instead of paying over a buck fifty for a U.S.Dollar like not so many years ago!

The Boys had spent the Easter weekend over at their Father’s place and will be part of this week too, so this was the first day both of them were here at the same time to do participate in the annual “Great Easter Egg Hunt.” Chris didn’t even change out of his uniform it was game on!

The Challenge begins Easter egg hunt 2006

These Boys have been in serious competition since they were small and this event has gotten very competitive. I think it’s hilarious that they still go at it with such gusto, in particular Chris at 18, but it’s this whole challenge thing and well it’s chocolate and who’s gonna turn down free chocolate. I had to miss the race this year as I was at work but Tom took pictures for me.

Easter egg hunt 2006

Easter egg hunt 2006

Easter egg hunt 2006

I asked who the winner was as I was driving them to their Father’s later on this evening and they both shrugged and said they didn’t know. That’s the FIRST time they didn’t count egg for egg (and Hershy’s kisses too if you want to get technical) and declare an absolute winner while mocking the loser (laahuuu-zaahurrr). Maybe maturity has set in? NAHHH what am I crazy?

Easter egg hunt 2006 - Success!

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2 Responses to It’s official – we be going to Vegas!! Woot!!

  1. Tom says:

    Are you kidding? Chris barely got his key out of the lock before Sean said “Are you ready???” I had to hold off the starting gun until Chris took off his boots and changed his socks!

    Household decorum, yanno…

  2. Beezzez says:

    Hahahahaha ewwww@his stinky work sock/work boot aroma!!!

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