Extending weekend coming up!

Phew! My hippies are still in the Amazing Race, although stripped of all their ‘possessions’ those that hippies would carry I guess (nudge, wink).. AND penniless. It’s the first ‘non-elimination’ round they had all season so far, I guess to mix it up but oh my gosh they had me going! I was all ready to cry ‘n stuff. I know they are cheesy but I love their freakishness. I am also glad to hear that the total narcissist of American Idol has gone the way of the Do-do. Yeah ok, I’m addicted to T.V. but at least I admit it.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend, the first four days in a row that Tom and I have had together at one time in a long time. We are expecting some pretty awesome weather this weekend too. Sean wants to learn to juggle from ‘New Dad’ as he’s jokingly called, a ‘Simpsons’ thing… (or Step-Dayddy-Tom) and supposedly I’m gonna try to as well. Yeah. That’s gonna be pretty. I have ZERO eye hand coordination. I’ve tried in the past, both my parents could juggle (and play the harmonica, but that’s another story) but I was born with the juggle gene missing from my dna. I’ve warned him. I’ve hurt people doing a lot less.

Tom is really good at the juggling thing, he does the clubs and everything. While it’s a skill I admire, I’m not as confident as him that I can actually learn to juggle, even scarves. Same theory he has for me driving a standard. Automatic cars were invented for losers like me!

I had a really good day today at the office. It’s been a while that I’ve had the time to focus and tick off a number of tasks of the dreaded ‘to-do’ list and I got a LOT done. Usually I’m being pulled in a number of different directions and it’s not always conducive for analysis and creative thought and project implementation which really is my primary focus.

I’ve got a big project for a process improvement I’m working on that I planned, designed, process mapped, wrote the business requirements for and it’s now waiting for analysis from two of the three majorly impacted groups and I’m quite excited about because it’s from my own little coconut. I LOVE projects like that where I get to use my creative side as well as my own depth of knowledge as a S.M.E. (and my anal retentive qualities are a plus at work!)

I’ve had projects like this in the past and they are the biggest high when you’re working on them and when you see them in production it sure makes you proud. Of course it’s lots of stress and hair-pulling along the way, especially over things that you can’t control especially for a control freak like me, but in the end it’s kind of like a legacy you are leaving behind. The people that use what you created every day have no idea that you exist or what you did was all that wonderful, but you do yanno what I mean?

Anyway my wonderful Hubby should be home any moment, I actually get to see him in the daytime for a change yay!! He’s been pulling a lot of lates lately and we’ve been two shadows in the dark for the past week or so. We are gonna snuggled up on the couch and watch some more of that T.V.

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