Sunday in the park

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here today so we took advantage and hit one of the local parks. Tom gave Sean a lesson in juggling. Sean isn’t the most patient student in the world, I think he was kind of hoping he would somehow master it in a few tries. He gets frustrated quickly. He doesn’t realize that it takes PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE to get good at it. The balls spent probably more time on the ground than in the air, but at least he gave it a shot.


Tom is an old hand at juggling, although it’s been a long time since he’s been able to practice. It’s not like we have a yard here, and there isn’t any park that’s super close to where we are.


After the juggling practice, we tried our hands at badminton and played some frisbee. The breeze was up a little to high and made the birdie go in some interesting directions (nothing to do with how well we play.. NOPE!)

It started getting a wee bit too warm to run around so we went for a bit of a walk before heading back to the car. In the park there is a small metal chapel like structure, I guess for people to marry in the park which is a cute idea. I know I’ve seen couples in there getting their photos taken in the park, but I didn’t realize they had something to be used for the actual ceremony.


Here is the Right Reverend Sean at the pulpet (hah!)

Here is what they did to him for mocking this sacred space…


All in all a great day! (and we had icecream!)


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2 Responses to Sunday in the park

  1. Jen says:

    Sounds fab! Wasn’t the weather ridiculously gorgeous in the PNW? Unreal. Signs of greatness to come.

  2. Beezzez says:

    Oh it was amazing!!! It’s days like this that makes me happy I live here. I think we really learn to appreciate the sun, where sun isn’t always there if ya know what I mean!

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