Handyman Tom

There are a few things around the Condo that need some fixin’ partly for our own sanity, partly because they are things we KNOW we need to take care of before we put this place on the market. Tom calls them his ‘job jar’ items.

We had purchased a new kitchen faucet to replace the rather gross wobbly leaky thing that came with the place a while back and Tom hadn’t got around to installing yet. He he decided (after my gentle needling) that he would psyche himself up to do the job yesterday. I told him to enjoy the rest of this last day off together, but he figured if he didn’t do it now it may be a while again, and it would be less ammo for me (heh)

He pulled out the new faucet and read the instructions which seemed straight enough forward. He’d done this before down in LA so it wasn’t like it was something he hadn’t done before. He said he hates dealing with water though, and the potential disaster that could accompany such work so it did take some psyching up to do it but he pulled out his tools and started to survey what needed to be done.

After pulling out the cleaning supplies (and countless plastic store bags we keep down there) he found to his surprise that there were not any spigots under the sink, in fact to change the faucet he would have to shut off the main water supply to our condo. Needless to say there was a rush to go pee first!

Work in progress

I offered my assistance if needed and headed into the office to goof around on the ‘net. I could hear clanking and muttering and the odd exclamation. After I said “HUH?” a few times and Tom explaining he was talking to a pipe/tool etc I told him to call my name first when he needed to talk to me so I know he wasn’t talking to himself (double heh)

My Robe is a soft place to lean on

A few minutes later I hear “OH BOY!! ummm BELINDA!!! umm can I borrow you please!” in his calm (panicked) voice. Water had spurted out of the hoses from the back pressure which was more than he expected and it had filled up the container he had on hand for it and didn’t seem to want to stop. It ended up spilling a bit under the cupboards so I ran and got some dirty towels to soak it up. He was a bit more prepared the second time around when he pulled off the other one. It did look like a geyser when it came out so I can understand why he was calmly (freaking) calling for me.

After much clanking and twisting and talking to himself he had the faucet on and asked me to come and check for any leaks when he turned the water back on the main. I sat with a flashlight and stared at the connections waiting for some action (hiding behind my robe in case yanno) and he turned it on a bit asking if there was any leaks. “nope! It’s all good!” I called to him. He came out and said “Well here goes” and turned on the faucet. YAY!!! It was working! Water came out!

Unfortunately water didn’t stop coming OUT. Hot water in fact.

He goes over to the instructions and under trouble shooting this was covered. It said to remove the ball and check the joints and seals to see if they are dirty or damaged and if so to clean or replace. Uh. New faucet guys! Piece of crap!!

After a few moments consideration it was agreed that we would just spend the money and get another one, a BETTER one. The one we had bought was kind of a cheapie OBVIOUSLY not worth it, and the receipt was long gone.

Tom ran over the Home Depot and picked up a new faucet along with some spigots (yanno those fancy things that SHOULD have been there in the first place!) along with new hoses.

New Spigots (the lazy Mofos who built this place didn't put any in)

He turned off the water main again and set to installing the spigots first and then got the new-new faucet installed without any problems. Yay!! Go Hon!!

Yes it works!



After telling him how AWESOME he was, He asked me if he would have some reprieve before I started my gentle prodding (needling) for the next ‘job jar’ item (which is to put in a new ceiling fan in our master bathroom.)

He’s got two weeks (ooops less a day) -Wooopahhh

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4 Responses to Handyman Tom

  1. Tom says:

    By the way I’d like to thank the person responsible for putting a power outlet so close to water spigots…nice planning!

    (in case anyone was worried, I DID kill the breaker for that outlet)

  2. Bill says:

    No worries as its a switched outlet. But it shoots such pretty sparks if you leave it on. The ceiling fan chore reminds me of the TV ad where the guy has his hand stuck in the disposal when the wifey comes in to flip the switch for the new fan. Heh. Best send Bee shopping that day….

  3. Tom says:

    Are you kidding me??? I’m gonna need her at my side to call 911 for me when I’m dangling from the ceiling with my hand stuck in the conduit!

  4. Beezzez says:

    OMG my ears will be clicking that day!

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