14 years ago tonight….

I was in a LOT of pain. Yes 14 years ago today I was induced 6 weeks early and 14 years ago tomorrow Sean was born into this world a squalling feisty preemie. He was 4 lbs 10 oz and all guts.

14 years later I’m still the luckiest Mom there is. My tiny little preemie is a strong growing teenager. He was loving on getting his presents a day early so he could enjoy them on a day off instead of on a school day. Tomorrow is dinner at the Olive Garden, as it’s our family tradition to have one’s birthday dinner at the choice of the birthday celebrant.


Oh how he’s changed!


Sean 2 weeks old (and 4 weeks before he should have been born..)


He was so small he hated being in his bed so he slept in a laundry basket.


He got bigger and started smiling…


He and his Brother were best pals.


Proud Momma


I started breathing easier when he got some chub on him! Of course it’s long gone on my gangly!

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