It’s your Birthday, your B-B-B-Birthday


Dinner at the OG was a rousing success if you can get past the slow ass service we had last night (we were in traffic central and NOBODY came by for anything after they flung the salad at us and didn’t make eye contact until the main course arrived) and the fact that my Seafood pasta dish (in SEAFOOD SAUCE) didn’t actually have any seafood sauce on it. Ok there was one dollop in the center of a bunch of stuffed pasta.

Ever try to eat stuffed pasta with nothing on it? Sticks to your throat like a Mo-fo!

After I nicely pointed out this to the server, who wasn’t our waiter btw.. HE was overwhelmed and this lady was kindly helping us out by yanno, actually serving us food. Anyway she said that it varies depending on who’s doing the saucing. There is a saucer? This is a skill someone has? I would hope the fact that a menu item speaks of food IN a sauce would mean that said saucer would be able to function in his role. Does he need to be sent back to Tuscany to take remedial saucing??

She let our server know and after about 5 minutes the sauce arrived. Sean and I had the same thing and he attempted to eat it sans sauce. Tom was being sweet and said he wouldn’t eat until I started. I kept telling him to go ahead and he partially relented saying he would nibble small bites of his garlic mashies that came with his stuffed chicken marsala.

After we were good and properly sauced Sean agreed that it kind of made the dish. Mommy’s always right Boy, don’t ever doubt that.

Chris managed to put away TWO bowls of Minestrone soup and his entire plate of some sort of chicken/pasta dish. I have no idea where he puts the food. Sean on the other hand ate two breadsticks two plates of salad and didn’t quite finish his dinner. I like the seafood dish because it’s smaller portioned (but nowhere near low-cal) so you don’t feel like you’re going to explode after your done. I’ve tried other dishes there and it’s so good you tend to keep on eating. An hour after your done you feel like the pasta is soaking up everything liquid in your tummy and further expanding. I’ve learned. The food was good though as usual though and Sean had a great time at his special B-day dinner.

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