A feel was copped, sort of.

I accompanied Tom to the ‘office’ last night as I was going to be spending the evening alone (kids were at their Father’s place) and it was an opportunity for us to get in a bit more Q-time.

We spent the morning relaxing eating our cereal and sipping our slightly bitter coffee (I’ve just had zero luck finding a good coffee for home use that I’m not totally sick of) and channel surfing. click. click. click. round the whole dial. “Here your turn”. Can Saturday morning TV suck any more?

We each did the three “S’s” and drove downtown. Or rather I sat he drove. It started to drizzle just in time for us to walk from the parkade to the station but not too badly. I got a nice big drop of water on my head just as we got there. I thought it was bird shit, but luckily no, water. Phew.

The security guard at reception knows my name now. I didn’t even have to say it, Tom went to tell him and he said he knew and handing me my visitor’s pass. Hmm maybe it’s my natural charm? Yanno that makes me memorable? (cough) Or maybe it was my cupcakes. Either way it was cute. The security people are all really nice and friendly.

I brought along the paperback of The Da Vinci Code to read. Yeah I know, I’m getting the impression that we are the last two people on earth who haven’t read it yet. But hey we’re cheap! We waited for it to be a mass-produced paperback. I mostly wanted to get a handle on the story and see if the movie would be worth seeing. That and I would rather understand what’s going on if we DO see the movie (and be all superior bitching about what should or shouldn’t have been done in the movie as I like to do). So far so good, it’s got me hooked. It’s great train reading too as it makes the commute to work and back go by faster. I didn’t however get too much reading done as sitting in office type chairs hunched over a work surface isn’t the most comfortable position for reading and there I’m all ADD, always trying to keep up with what’s going on.

I did however do some more dream real estate surfing in Kentucky. Kentucky is our brass ring five or six years hence. It kind of represents where we would like to see ourselves spending the later years in our life. It makes me sick seriously how cheap real estate IS there. I mean houses that here, an hour from downtown START at over 300K (and these places are NO palaces I assure you) you can buy a nice house on a decent plot of land for 150-200 K. God!!

I love BC, I do. But I feel like I’m about done here. I’ve never lived anywhere else and it’s seriously time I did so. Of course this wouldn’t be until Sean is all growed up and he would of course have the option to come with us if he wanted to. Chris I expect would be long settled by then and 24 -25 years in age. I’ve been asked how I would feel about being away from the Kids and I have no real answer for that. I hate the thought of separation but reality is, they will be moving on with their lives and that’s how it should be. Of course ask me that again when one of them first moves out. *sniff*

We did Denny’s again for dinner. It’s close, it’s cheap and the food/service is normally good. After chowing down we went to go pick up a bottle of wine at one of the downtown liquor stores. It was a bit of a walk, not too bad but the drizzle had picked up a wee bit. As we were heading across one of the intersections a large group of, well, slightly ‘happy’ women who were obviously on some type of bachelorette pub crawl were heading towards us. One of the women banged into my head with an umbrella while she ‘twirled’ around singing, and another one backed into me. I managed to hold her back with my left arm and connected slightly with her shoulder. I’m sure she didn’t feel a thing.

Bringing up the rear was the bride-to-be wearing a small veil and what looked like a jelly shot glass hung around her neck on a string. As she walked (or rather floated) she was dancing her way across the street pulling random men into a twirl. She got to Tom as he walked by and went to grab him to dance but kind of missed. “Hey! I was just groped!” he said with a laugh. I asked him where and he pointed to his chestal region. That doesn’t actually count as groping Honey (heehee), maybe a few more inches south. It was cute though. Well he was. I know it caught him off guard.

I think I’ve always been a bit more low key than most of the people I hung out with regarding the whole pre-wedding partying thing. I’m also a tad more judgmental and square I think. I know a lot of people would argue that it’s relatively harmless to be oh say covering yourself with candy and selling the option to bite it off, or selling kisses at a bar for drink money at one of these things (both things my friends have done) but me, I had an evening out with my girls dancing and drinking the first go round when I was 20. No costumes, no games, no making out with strange men. Second time around, oh yeah I was done with drinking and dancing and partying so that wasn’t even a consideration.

The guys too. I mean I’ve had plenty of male friends over the years and I know the kind of stuff they get up to with the strippers. Lap dances, live, uh, ‘shows’ licking whipped cream off of someone who’s been god knows where ‘shudder’. I’ve suffered through lots of TMI moments over the years having had male buds and I’m sure the ewwwww face I had on during the recounting of the nights frolics amped them up even more. Even better when there is photographic evidence. I mean duh! Are they honest with each other on what went on the night before I wonder? What happens when said pictures come to light?

I just figure, if you’ve gotten to the point where you’re committing yourself to another person shouldn’t you have already sowed your oats? Why this last gasp? This kind of desperation to hold on to that last piece of singledom. I don’t get it. Anyway, that’s me off my soap box.

We also went by Tim Hortons to pick up a can of their ground coffee to have at home. Mmmmmmm yay! Picked up a cup to go while we were at it. After we passed the crazy methed out homeless guy (nice!) we quick-stepped it back to the station. Or rather I double timed it to keep up with Tom’s longer legs. The rain was coming down a bit more by that point. I sat sipping it and watching the show prep and then later the late news.

It was pouring by the time we left and that plus the crazy people on the road at midnight made me grateful that Tom was driving not me. We curled up with a nice glass of wine before bed. I do love it when we get to spend a full day together no matter where it is.

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