Oh C. Dee

I find the older I’m getting the more compulsive I’m getting. I think I’ve always had a touch of it. You know; the whole keep your keys in your hand when you lock your door, put them in your pocket or purse, and then two seconds later either peeking or patting to see if they are indeed still where you just put them. Even when you KNOW you just put them there. Some may say it’s just being cautious (that would be the voice in my head telling me, no Belinda you’re just being cautious!)

Part of it I supposed is truly caution but seasoned with a dash of paranoia. I’m always worried I’ve left on the coffepotstoveburneriron or didn’t lock the windowfrontdoorcar.

I’ve had movies ruined over it. I took the boys to an early weekend movie, I think it was Shrek, and the whole time sat there thinking “Did I turn off that coffee pot before we left?” Haha that’s really funny, “Did I?”. I’ve had the nagging feeling I’ve left the iron plugged in and called the Boys to check from the train. I will double check before I leave now because of it. I have NEVER left the iron plugged in, ever, but you know it COULD happen.

Leaving on vacation? Oh that’s a whole other ball of wax. Making sure you didn’t forget to take the important stuff AND make sure things are turned off,unplugged,hidden..uhh..I mean put away (heh).

What made me think of all this is, when I pick up Chris from work he’s usually telling me about his day and while listening out of habit I will get out of the car shut the door, wait for the Boys to do likewise and then lock and alarm the car. As we get to the underground garage door I inevitably ask, “Did I toot?” (No not fart, toot the alarm). At first they would just tell me yes, now I get the dreaded eyeroll along with the “YES!” in unison.


In other news, I’ve half way through the Da Vinci Code and I am totally LOVING this book. Where has it been all my life? Oh yeah on the best sellers list for a kajillion years and I’ve ignored it. I’m generally anti-hype. Hype makes me run for the hills. I’m glad I gave in to my curiosity this time. It’s got me thinking while reading. I’m a chick-lit/true-crime/mystery romance kind of gal, not a lot of thinking normally involved in my choice of train fodder. This is making me look stuff up on the interweb and everything. I’ve learned stuff, and not just how to shop-drink-sexup/murder-steal-conceal/conflict-investigate-sexup like my normal read.

Now I really want to see this movie even with Tom Hanks and his dumb-ass hairdo.

Oh great, another movie. I’m going to have to make sure I unplug the coffee pot before I go.

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