M is for Monkey and for Makeup

Man was the weather gorgeous today, not super hot or anything just nice,warm and sunny. Enough to drag me outside at least for a while. Sean and I took a walk over to the local mall and hit London Drugs. I had promised to pick him up some rechargables for his mp3 player and it gave me a great excuse to peruse the makeup aisle. I have a few monkeys on my back and my love of buying makeup is one of them, OMG if Ross sold makeup it would be heaven!

I’ve been on the search for the perfect eyeshadow for years now. I prefer to wear a neutral shade and I’ve frustrated countless saleswomen looking for the elusive shade of taupe brown that I know MUST exist but I can’t find. All brown eyeshadows are either too dark, too sparkly (I’m NOT 20 anymore) or too orangish.

I’m also a complete sucker for any advertisement that says they can give me bold long lashes. I was unfortunately born with short skimpy lashes and anyone that tells me they can change that, well they have my ear. Of course so far nothing has impressed me that much. I am fully aware that mascara will not GROW my lashes, nor change the actual diameter on a permanent basis, but come on it can’t be THAT hard to make something that thickens or lengthens without flaking off in my eye. I keep holding out hope that one day they won’t be lying to me.

I was however intrigued by a new foundation called Cashmere Perfect by Loreal. Man that stuff makes your skin feel SO soft, and it turns to a nice powdery feel as soon as you smooth it on. How cool is that?



I was quite pleased with the finish. I’m curious though to see if it will hold up all day.

Sean has finally gone through his old toy storage bins and picked out what he wants to keep and what we can finally get rid of. Along the way he found the collection of hallowe’en costumes and proceded to wear each and every one of them. Man these masks are hideous….



I’m off to dye my hair yet again. This time it’s a lighter brown but I’m going back to permanent colour. The greys I have are just not cooperating when I use the lighter semi-permanent stuff and I’ve generally had more luck with them. Hopefully I won’t end up with some weird colour again. Ah well it’s just hair right?

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