Momma’s Day

Well it’s my 18th Mother’s Day today and GASP my 18 year old remembered!! He was up when I got up this morning and heard him rattling around in the kitchen. I kicked him out to start the coffee (as he was about to make his own rot gut) and wished me a Happy Mother’ Day. Wow he remembered! I thought… well two minutes later he comes out holding his hands behind his back and looking quite shy. He said “Well I hope you like these” and handed me these:


Of course then I promptly burst into tears blubbering like an idiot while he hugged me *sniff*

Poor Sean had a project at school to make me bath products (soaps, etc) but the person who delivers the supplies was late, so he’s disappointed that my present from him will be late. I told him it didn’t matter! I have the best presents with them remembering me!!

Cinnamon wasn’t too sure what she thought about the Pooh Bear. I was making him walk towards her and flop on her and she went on full attack mode. It was pretty funny. We were laying on the bed while attacking the cat. Ah!! Good times!


My wonderful Tom arranged for flowers to be delivered to me today! He has to work today and was hoping they would arrive before he left but the came just a short while ago. They are beautiful and he totally gets that I love the colour pink!


I also got a couple of very sweet cards. I keep all of them.


I’m such a lucky girl!

Tom has some flowers on the way to his Mom down in Florida and I’m taking my Mom out for lunch next weekend. It’s way too crazy to get near a restaurant today. We tried that last year and ended up in Rotten Ronnies for breakfast! I called her though.

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