Random mutterings

I changed my shift today, well it was supposed to be yesterday but I kind of forgot it was starting Monday. I start a half hour earlier (7:30) which rocks because I work with a LOT of people back east and even getting an extra half hour with them will help me out lots. I’m considering making it another half hour earlier eventually (gasp!) but we’ll see how I do adjusting to the half hour first.

This, being my first morning doing this was planned carefully down to the time I had to be out the door because I was driving Chris in to work (he started at 7:00 but I would drop him off just before 6:30 at a local A&W to grab his breakfast and coffee). Yeah. What is it they say about best laid plans?

I get up early, shower, makeup? Check! Hair washed and dried? Yep!

I listen to a morning news station (God I’m getting old) and I keep hearing the reminders that today is CENSUS DAY!! Make sure you’ve mailed it in or completed it online. Did you KNOW there are penalties for not doing it? Oh yes! Up to three months in jail or a fine. Nice! Yeah ok so I friggin forgot it. I remember getting the envelope and putting it aside.. um somewhere. Gah! I will look for it before I leave.

Small aside.. Can you just picture being in a cell talking to the others in the crowd everyone being asked what they are in for and you have to say “Yeah I’m in for not completing my CENSUS FORM” God!!

So I’m coming out of the bathroom ready to make my lunch, grab breakfast, iron my clothes and census hunt. I head out of our room and squint. I don’t see any light coming out of the livingroom or kitchen. Uh, bad sign.

Sure enough the Boy is still fast asleep. I went barreling into his room yelling “WAKE UP YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME LATE!!” He leaps up. Ok, that’s a lie, he sat up groggy saying “What? What?!?!!? mumble mumble. “I though I set my alarm”. Gah!!!

I give him an ultimatum, be ready in FIFTEEN MINUTES OR YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN. Yeah, he would never make it there on his own on time but he needed the motivation. I will give him this, he did motor once I uttered that threat. Of course his morning cleansing routine was shall we say minimalist, but his HAIR was done to perfection. Gotta love teenage boys.

So I was still good, I ironed my clothes and made my lunch and then headed to where I thought I had put the census document and of course it wasn’t there.

I was running around trying to find it and no luck. I had to wake up poor Tom to ask him if he’d seen it. He’s telling me not to worry about it and goes into our office which he recently mucked out. I’m not kidding. He mucked it out. It was a disaster! Anyway, he found it in amongst the documents he had boxed/bagged up that were laying around on or around the desk. Oops. Yeah, I forgot I put it in the office ready to, yanno complete online. Sorry Hon!!

He sees that I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, no time to eat or anything but I was sure I could still drive Chris and make it. I will give it to Chris he WAS ready and waiting, but I was now running late. Tom offered to drive him but I already was feeling bad about waking him up never mind having to drive. No I could still make it I was sure! And I did but I had to stop and grab coffee and something to eat first.

After all the morning chaos the day went pretty well, no major problems or anything.

I take the train home as usual, and leaving a bit earlier there isn’t so many people which was kind of nice. I thought the day had turned around after all. Then I got to my station and tried to drive out of the park and ride lot. Traffic was just NOT moving and my car is effing hot. I mean HOT. It’s well into the 80’s and it’s black leather inside. Turns out a train has derailed across the road I go up to get out of there. Buh!!

Nobody was letting me into the left turn lane to get into one of the only two routes out of there and the only one that wouldn’t take me so far out of my way. There was a cop car blocking the road and railway workers pointing out the detours but nobody really directing traffic, nice! I decided to turn left from my lane anyway and MAKE someone let me in. I mean what are they gonna do hit me? I figured if the cop didn’t like it he could chase me. After I did that a few others followed suit. It probably took me an extra ten minutes to get home but whatever, I was just glad to be moving.

By the way, Cher is a nazi. Well ok not Cher but the aussie chick on my old Cher exercise tape. Yeah I know but really it’s good!

I decided to pull it out and mix it up a bit with my elliptical yanno, alternate my exercise and supplement it with this tape which is an awesome tape. I mean it REALLY works out your lower body. Of course my lower body is like my upper body, old and out of shape, hence my hatred for this aerobic nazi. My thighs feel like they are being pulled towards the floor (not unlike my ass which had previously paved the way courtesey of gravity!) and my abs (oh yes there is also an ab workout) are wondering what the hell I’m doing to them. What the hell am I doing to them? Oh yeah, trying to FIND them.

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