I’m a big Kid look what I can do!

I tried a recipe for bourbon chicken tonight that I found on Recipezaar.. eh, not bad. The chicken turned out tender enough but it seemed to lack… something. I don’t know. Someone from Tom’s work was going to the States and had offered to pick him up some of his favourite brand of bourbon but didn’t find the single barrel stuff that he absolutely loves, instead picking up a blended one. I figured I would try some recipes to use it up. I mean no point in wasting it. My search alas is not over.

During dinner Chris asked if we knew if he had any of his coffee additive (translation did you buy me any more because I know I used the last of it this morning) Tom, who did the shopping today said slyly “Maaaaybe”. I said, “So what do you say?” thinking he caught on. Chris goes “Did you get some, uh… please?”

I called him a dork and said “didn’t you get it? Say thaaaank youuuuuu” Tom pipes up “Say thank you Step-Daddy Tom”

Chris then sighs like the tortured soul he is and grimaces the words out. I piped up “But it was thanks to me putting in the list that it got picked up, soooo say thank you Mommy!!”

“thank you Mom*grumble*me” awwww I never hear the word Mommy anymore through teeth or otherwise! Have to drag it out of the boy!

Because of the Juvenile words, Sean decides to get into it by yelling “clothes!!!!” in a small child’s voice.

See this is a sore point with Chris because when we were finally able to watch some of my old home videos (they were on the small tape format and my camera had long since died so no way to watch them) we saw a Christmas tape where Chris was excited about EVERYTHING. He would open a package with a shirt or whatever in it and smile and yell “CLOTHES!!!!!!” like he had just opened the best present in the world. Chris was quite dismayed at how ‘dorky’ he was as a Kid. I thought he was sweet, happy and cheerful. I asked him what the heck happened? *mmuummble mmumble*

Chris growls at him after this so I pipe up with “I can’t stop!!!” as a payback.

THAT harkens back to an incident where Sean, who was maybe about 4 or so at the time, came into the bathroom REALLY needing to pee. I was in there with Chris and helping him cut his toenails. I told him to just go ahead and pee, but before he could get his pants down and sit down, he started to pee, yanno right where he was standing, nowhere near the toilet.

He was HORRIFIED and started to cry when he realized what happened and proceeded to spin around in place WHILE PEEING crying out “I CAN’T STOP!!!!!” he sprayed every single corner of the bathroom. I tried to stop him but I couldn’t and then I started to laugh uncontrollably (so did Chris). It was SUCH a sensitive subject up until recently that Sean would huff every single time someone said the words “I can’t stop!!”

So the Boys start making digs at each other but they keep forgetting I have enough ammo on BOTH of them.

I reminded them how Sean got into my underwear drawer and would put on a camisole or my fancy panties on his head.

Chris asks “Hmm were you ever.. uh, ‘worried’ about him if you know what I mean?”

Perfect time to remind him how he tried to shave his legs “Just like Mommy!!” when he was 6 or so, a dry shave mind you. (He was under my Sister’s care at the time!!)

Sean laughs at him so then I feel it’s necessary to point out how he would get into my makeup and one time smeared my good Chanel lipstick all around his mouth to look ‘pretty’.

Damn I had weird Kids.. oh wait HAD?

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9 Responses to I’m a big Kid look what I can do!

  1. Cousin Sue says:

    Hmmmm…Ask your hubby if he remembers what he used to use to count down his rocket launches as a kid!

  2. Beezzez says:

    Tom says he needs another nudge (he’s drawing a blank) if it’s juicy especially leave it here!!! hahahaha

  3. Sue says:

    One summer while I was visiting up in Oswego, Tom and his friends were out in the back yard playing with toy rockets. When they would count down for blast off, they would all intently crowd around some device. Upon closer inspection, we (I’m pretty sure it was Nan who was with me) discovered that they were using one of those round (empty) BC pill dispensers and clicking it for 10, 9,8……

  4. Tom says:

    Hmm…I remeber being into rocketry as a kid, and had a rather sizeable collection of models (some of which were launched, most I kept for display purposes only…all that work, yanno), but I don’t remember the pill box.
    Still, not quite the scandal Belinda was hoping for…maybe you should tell her the “Too pooped to participate” story!

  5. Beezzez says:

    Well he’s nothing if not resourceful! Yeah drag more skeletons *eyebrow waggle*

  6. Sue says:

    Actually, I think it was “Too pooped to pissapate”

  7. Tom says:

    Yep, that’s the one.

    Oh, here’s another scandal you can share with Belinda: my “eating habits” as a youngster! While everyone was having holiday turkey, little Tommy was eating…?

  8. Sue says:

    ….hot dog or bologna rolls! (same “meat” different form) My Connor had the same eating habits up until just recently.
    Not really juicy, but waaay cute:
    My dad used to bounce Tom horsey ride style on his knee. When he stopped, Tommy would beg for more and my dad would say he was “too pooped to participate”. Tom picked that up and walked around saying “too pooped to pissapate”

  9. Tom says:

    My eating habits improved eventually as well (although with me it didn’t happen until my mid- to late-20’s). It was funny one year when I went home to visit Mom, and she kept asking things like “If I pick up a pot roast, would you eat some of it?” (by this time I was in my 30’s and had long since kicked the hot dog/balogna roll habit!)

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