Mother’s Day part deux

I had a FABULOUS day at work today. Why you ask? Because I finally, FINALLY have written up and submitted all my project requirements for my pet project I’m managing. I received confirmation from two of our partners they are resourced and ready to develop and implement in October and finished up my internal IT work order today. It’s a book, a well written book mind you, but HUGE.

There was some preliminary work done by a wonderful fellow in IT which I was able to include as well which should cut down a lot of work that needs to be done nearer implementation. It totally lifted my mood to get that part off of my shoulders. It’s nowhere near done but it’s a huge step in the right direction. This stuff makes me feel GREAT and a little giddy. I’m weird.

I was also delighted to find out from Sean when he called me after he got home from school that he had finished off my Mother’s day present and had brought it home. The guys are off to their Father’s for the weekend and I drive them there, so he brought it down with him to the car. He did such a fantastic job and it smells wonderful. It’s got bath salts, a bath fizzy, lotion, glycerin soaps (I love the shapes!) and body scrub. I think it’s a terrific idea to do something like this is school. It teaches them a bit of chemistry and a bit of art all at the same time. The fact it makes Mom’s happy is a bonus. Isn’t this stuff great? What a sweetie!

Sean's Mother's day present to me all hand made!

To top it all off, I have an nice extended weekend to look forward to AND I get to spend the better part of it with my better half.

Oh yeah and I’m going to make a new martini tonight called ‘Pussy Galore’ courtesy of my friend Prue:

Pussy Galore (just like the Bond Girl!) A standard size martini glass holds three shots so this recipe is for one martini.

– One shot of vodka
– Half a shot of pineapple juice
– Half a shot of melon liqueur
– One shot cranberry juice

Yumm can’t wait!

Of course it will have to, being only sixish in the early evening and dammit I still have to work out (more quality time with the Australian Nazi on my fitness video)

Tom’s working late tonight so I will be waiting up for him anyway. Can’t get started too early or I will just fall asleep (cheap drunk).

On the TV front this has been an awesome year for excellent finales. MY HIPPIES won the Amazing Race *yay!!* Grey’s Anatomy was fantastic funny and a total heartbreaker all at the same time (sigh poor Denny). I only got hooked on this show a couple of months back. Now I have some catching up to do on the DVD front.

CSI, well you are forgiven because you didn’t kill Brass who is my second favourite character on that show and I would have been seriously pissed.

I’ve still yet to watch the last episode of America’s Top Model as it was on the same time as A.R. but I will take care of THAT tonight. I’m hoping CSI Miami will wrap their season off with a bang too, they’ve been trying to cram too much into the last couple of episodes so I think so far it’s coming off a bit sloppy but I will hold off on judgment until Monday night. Horatio don’t let me down!

Looks like Tom and I need to start buying some more DVDs to hold us through summer!

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2 Responses to Mother’s Day part deux

  1. Tom says:

    How about “Weekend at Bernie’s TWO?”


  2. Beezzez says:

    They made ANOTHER ONE? God, they should be drawn, quartered and castrated. Oh wait, did I go too far?

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