What a feeling!

When I watch a movie, an older movie that I’ve seen before it can evoke feelings and memories of when you saw it the first time. I had picked up Flashdance a while back on DVD but hadn’t gotten around to watching it. It’s been on cable now and then but I really hate watching movies with commercials if I can help it so it was fun to be able to sit down and watch it uninterrupted.

Yeah it’s a hokey movie and the acting isn’t all that but it fills me with energy and makes me want to dance so I’m fond of it. I was 17 years old when that movie came out and I remember my friend Laureen and I leaping and dancing back to her car after seeing it. I LOVVVVVED dancing when I was younger, couldn’t get enough of it. I still dance now and then but it’s generally while wearing my mp3 player and cleaning the condo and I sure don’t have the energy that I did back at 17.

I think the guys have always thought it was funny to see their Mother dancing and singing while doing the chores. The songs change from recent top 40 stuff to old numbers from way before I was born. I love Nat King Cole and Dean Martin. I get to singing and dancing to that stuff and if one of the Boys walks by I grab their arms and get them to dance with me. They are both good sports about it.. NOW. Back when they were younger it was all spaghetti arms and eye rolls but now they generally play along until I let them off the hook after a few minutes, they know it won’t last long.

I remember a bunch of my friends in highschool cutting the necks off sweatshirts and wearing the leg warmers. I didn’t tend to follow trends so I thought it was all pretty funny and I liked to think I was above all that stuff. Have to admit I fell into the whole neon thing but thank God I got over it fast.

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