Raindrops on Ass-hats

It was field trip night to the station again, I’m getting to be a regular there. I really hope one of the female anchors doesn’t think I’m a weirdo stalker or anything I keep ending up going to the bathroom at the same time as her but it’s totally by accident!

It was pissing rain at dinner time so we did a quick jog down to the restaurant along with every other under dressed person in town. I swear we were all in denial about it raining again. I mean I was wearing lacy ballet slippers for goodness sake, not exactly rain gear.

It’s fairly empty in the Denny’s but a few tables back is this pretentious ass-hat (once again thank you Bill for my favourite insult word)

who was pontificating about the Da Vinci Code in a very loud voice giving away KEY plot points. At first Tom didn’t notice so I’m rambling on about nothing to keep him noticing (he’s still reading the book) but after a while this goof just grates on my nerves. Tom figures out what he’s talking about and said that I probably understand more about what he’s saying being that I’ve read the book, but I said that he’s talking about stuff that you want to be surprised by.

We tried glaring at him, which wasn’t exactly effective, although it did elicit some puzzled looks. Then I started talking in a louder voice about how I can’t stand it when people see a movie and then discuss it in an open venue in a loud voice assuming that EVERYONE around them wants to know what he has to say and has already seen the movie. It was a wasted effort though, the guy was an idiot and totally clueless. It took every bit of effort to not smack him when we walked by to pay our bill.

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One Response to Raindrops on Ass-hats

  1. Bill says:

    You’re Welcome! It is such an apt description tho, isnt it?

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