Wait a minute, what’s happening to my special purpose?!?!

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on anything, I mean essentially I’m a very thrifty person. I kind of had to be to survive those first few years on my own with the Kids. Generally that meant forfeiting any kind of treat for myself over what they needed or if I did buy myself something it had to be a once in a lifetime bargain that I just couldn’t pass up or forget about it. That’s a habit that’s very hard to break once it’s ingrained.

Things got better. After a few years my income increased and some of those debts I inherited in the divorce were paid down or off all together. Still I didn’t buy myself anything. I would be tempted and have long arguments with myself while looking at the ‘want’ and always talk myself out of it. My clothing lasted for YEARS, never mind how long I could stretch the life out of a pair of shoes.

Tom who is by no means a spend-thrift is trying to encourage me to treat myself now and again. We were out the other day and I was wanting to buy a new mascara. Not a drugstore one but a department store one. I’d had my eye on an Estee Lauder mascara and a lipstick shade that I just loved. I’ve been circling it like a piranha just waiting for the “GIFT WITH PURCHASE” time. Today, while out and about we stopped by the Bay and YESSSSSSSS it was “GIFT WITH PURCHASE” week! So I treated myself.

Now I’m all a-twitter with the ‘I’ve got new make-up’ glow. Sure the ‘tote’ bag that they are giving out is butt-hole ugly and I need more make-up brushes like I need another hold in my head, but I got another new lipstick, a different mascara to sample (in case I hate the new one I just bought but will use until it’s bone dry) TWO count them TWO eye pencils and two bottles of eye make-up remover (my mascara came with it’s very own gifts, how cool is that?!!!?!)

The primary reason for going out today was to locate another eyeglass store closer to home that carries the pair of Dolce and Gabbana glasses that I tried on in Langley and ‘hearted’ the other day. I found my prescription and I’m dying to give them another try before I take the plunge. The plan was to take the digital camera with me and take a photo of me wearing the frames.

I think I look like a total gorp in any and all glasses, it’s just the degree of gorpiness that’s the issue. If I decide that I can stand myself in public wearing them, then I will be able to drive in them. My current glasses, the frame is too narrow and rounded so the lens reflects cars on the side and makes them look like they are coming at me. Not the ideal situation for a driver and her peripheral vision. The frames I was looking at are wider and more square, they are also apparently either discontinued or really really popular. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go back out to Langley. Hopefully I won’t hate them once I see a picture of me wearing them and the trip will be for naught.

I really am jealous of people that can wear really trendy frames and look all cool and stylish. Me? I look like an idiot(me in trendy frames) or a librarian (me in traditional frames). So. Totally. Not. Fair!

I close with a shot of Nutmeg the perv. He likes to roll on his back and show off his ‘special purpose’. I didn’t think the Internet needed to see it, so it’s been censored….Have a happy Monday!

Nutmeg the flasher

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