I’m feeling flushed

So I get off the train at my regular station, make my way to my car and do my usual ‘get ready to drive’ routine. You know the buckle up, put on the shades, reach into my bag to grab the cell and put it beside me in the console within easy reach. As I look at my cell I noticed there was a missed call from home and the time was shortly after four which meant I was probably in a tunnel when they called and there ain’t no reception down there….

With a bit of trepidation I return the call and Sean answers. I ask him if it was him that tried to call me and he says yes. I asked what the deal was and he goes “Ummm well Chris didn’t flush the toilet so I flushed it because I wanted to use it and it over-flowed.”

This is the Boy’s bathroom, the room we NEVER EVER EVER use. I mean NEVER. Am I clear about that? No? Ok NEVER! If you knew them you would know why. I can clean this room top to bottom and still wouldn’t want to use it. It has boy cooties.

Anyway, I had visions of floaters dancing in my head and asked him what they did about it. “Oh well Chris got a bucket and a mop and soaked up most of it, then he used towels to do the rest…” TOWELS????????????? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!

Oh my GOD! “Can you please get Chris????” I asked Sean. When Chris gets to the phone I asked him what happened and what he did. He claims that he just used the toilet and flushed. I said that Sean said he didn’t flush and he said he did, he guessed it didn’t flush all the way. YOU THINK?? I swallowed and asked him “Ok, any poop floating around on the floor or anything?” (cringe cringe). “Nope, it’s still in there” meaning the toilet.. well that’s something I guess.

So I asked him if it was true he used towels to soak up the water. He said yeah but only after he used the mop (the mop that is so being thrown away finally). I asked “WHICH TOWELS?” He told me it was their own dirty ones. “OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU USE TOWELS??” I screeched. He said he couldn’t think of anything else to use.

I then asked where the towels were… and he told me “In the washer”

Ok EW. NOW we have to run that thing with bleach before our clothes go through it again. I don’t care he did another load of his stuff right after. EW EW EW.

I get home and before I change race into the bathroom to survey the damage and to deal with the clog. Sure enough there is a plug and Chris had washed the floor a couple of times since the flood with the swiffer. I discovered however that our plunger has seen better days. As soon as I went to plunge it turned inside out (into a bowl shape) and I had to use the inside lip of the toilet to flip it back, at that moment it splashed me.


So I get a good connection and flushed while plunging away… it wasn’t moving, water rising, I pick up the pace and pull up on the handle and WHOOOOOOSHHHHH there it goes. Thank GOD. Sean pauses a second and says “Looks like you’ve done this before”
Yeah, because of THEM. Over the years they have plugged more toilets than I care to remember.

I had to wash my hands about ten times cough*OCD*cough.

I feel so dirty…

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4 Responses to I’m feeling flushed

  1. Tom says:

    Okay, THIS is why I never walk around our place in bare feet!

  2. Beezzez says:

    Aww live dangerously….besides it’s your turn to clean their bathroom (muahahahahaha). Ok even I’M not that mean.

  3. OMG … I laughed till the tears were rolling down my cheeks on the TOILET story, and then saw the cat with the happy-face asshole, and nearly laughed mine off! We have three cats, and are moving from Lethbridge to Vancouver Island at the end of September (I have a home there, been gone for 7 years, and can’t wait to get back!).
    Anyway, thanks for a great story. I’m going to bookmark your blog and come back and check it every now and then.
    Rosemarie (Buchanan)
    p.s. I raised a son who SITS for all performances and is anal, sorry, no pun intended, about keeping the bathroom clean!!! He’ll be 27 this year. All men should be like him!

  4. Beezzez says:

    Hi Rosemarie and a premature welcome back to beautiful BC.

    Oh to have a Son who’s clean in the bathroom would bring me great joy and save me a bundle in rubber gloves (ew). You must be proud!

    Glad you stopped by and made yourself known!



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