Hello, my baby, hello my honey, hello my rag-time gal.

First off, this isn’t going to be another ‘rag rant’. Ok, maybe just a little. Can I just say that more than once a month is just a little bit unfair? Isn’t it called ‘your monthly’ for a reason? Bah! To my great joy, my period decided that four weeks was too long to deprive me of it’s company. I guess it’s making up for the six week sojourn it decided to take a couple of months back.

I decided to get another pair of glasses, like I mentioned before it’s because; One, to have a spare pair and two, because my other pair are more rounded and the way my ‘scrip is it looks like cars passing beside me are actually moving into my lane. This is not exactly something you want to get used to, yanno, in case someone actually DOES try and I blame it on my lenses.

This pair is more rectangular. Another ‘side’ benefit (get it?) is that I have more glasses in my peripheral vision. This means the clear sight doesn’t end at my cheekbone.

(yah yah I know) I still look like a dork, but I can’t really blame that entirely on the glasses (heh)

They do have THE coolest case though!

Hmmm that picture doesn’t really show it, but it’s kind of curved into a bean-like shape and his this velcro thing so you can strap it onto your jeans.

Tom and I have the day off tomorrow together (gasp!!) so we are heading down to Washington to do some SHOPPING!!! The dollar is doing kick-ass right now, it’s only 6 cents away from par with the US dollar so cha-ching!!!

Oh yeah and we get to go to ANTHONY’S!!

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