Got a good reason for taking the easy way out

Tom and I talked about whether or not to set the alarm to get an early start down to B’ham Saturday morning but he thought it would be nicer to wake up naturally without that jarring BEEP BEEP from the alarm. I agreed so we let nature decide when it was time to get up. In other words when the bladder alarm/sore back drove us out of bed. This was around 9ish I believe.

We took turns getting ready and while listening to the radio, discovered that just about every other Canadian Citizen had decided to make a run for the US border as well. I guess the lure of a really awesome exchange rate will do that. They were reporting 1.5 – 2 hour wait times to go South eek!!

We decided to go eat breakfast on this side of the 49th because the prospect of sitting in a line-up that long with growling tummies and NO coffee flowing through our veins was not appealing.

At the local IHOP we get seated beside one family with a small child and have another family two tables down to our left. The kid beside us was smiling and looking at us, behaving quite nicely. The kid down-a-ways however was screeching like a friggin Banshee. Thankfully they left about five minutes after our arrival. I was celebrating, and Tom cautioned me not to jinx ourselves. Lo and behold Kid number two sitting beside us decides that he is no longer interested in sitting in his highchair and proceeds to scramble all over the booth with a fork in his hands. What kind of parent first of all lets a kid about 18 months old play with a fork??!?!!? He came close to jabbing me with it a few times. When his Mother tries to get him to sit down again, he does that stiff legged/arched back thing that kids are so good at and proceeded to HOLLER like his life depended on it. After a few minutes of this, and Tom and I exchanging eye rolls, the Mother took the kid outside. PHEW.

By the time we were finished and get in the line for the border, the wait was down to around 35 minutes or so. Not bad at all. Piss Boy here however couldn’t seem to hold it in. Nothing says class like a man who takes a leak in full view of dozens of cars.

We get through check point Charlie and head right away for my Mecca (Ross). I was there about an hour and once again it was pretty picked-over. It’s hit or miss there which sucks but what do you want? I mean I got two pairs of slip on sandals;

and three tops for like $70.00. Can’t go wrong there! Tom went to look at Sears to spend more of his ‘Lands End’ Christmas gift Card.

We hit the mall after that and in Target I found a couple of really cute T-shirts for the 4th of July.

I know I’m not American, but I’m married to one, and I love America(ns). Oh yeah and I have to file tax stuff to the US Gov’t so that should count for something. Anyway, regardless, for five bucks each they were TOO CUTE to pass up. I also was a mule for my Friend/Boss for Bath and Body works stuff. While I was at it I picked up a few things for myself. We also made sure to pick up more a that coffee additive that Tom likes that we can’t get up here, as well as some American Oreo’s which taste better than the ones the make up here (for some reason)at the bulk store.

After a few more stops we decided to go and enjoy the warmth and sunshine by taking a walk around the waterfront. It was a REALLY nice day, not too hot not too cold, perfect for just strolling around. There were people flying kites, one of them was HUGE. I was trying to get some nice shots of the water without too much shore in the way so I clambered onto the rocks. Poor Tom was getting nervous because I’m notoriously clumsy and lacking in balance. He was telling me to be careful and if I had to fall, to try and fall towards shore instead of the water haha.

Water sparkles on the bayThe Bay off the shores or Bellingham


After our walk we headed over to Anthony’s for dinner. We are rarely there for dinner, or for that matter a Saturday so we didn’t think about reservations. We lucked out though, because the wait when we got there was about 10-15 minutes. Not long after the wait went up to over and hour.

Take the picture I'm hungry!!

I noticed a young couple arrived all decked out in formal-wear. Not long after a bunch more arrived. I guess it’s that season. It’s a nice place to go for a pre-prom dinner. Man, all I know is my cheap ass prom date didn’t take me anywhere like that!! Mind you, our formal ball had a dinner too… ok he’s off the hook.

HEY he got the sign in this time!

We stopped off on the way up to pick up a few more grocery-type items. I noticed at the check-out they were selling these insulated bags that keep food frozen for up to three hours. I pointed it out to Tom who all but danced with glee all the way over to the frozen food aisle to pick up some Marie Callender frozen dinners for when he’s working late. Even if the line up was long going home it would survive the whole way.

As it turns out we maybe waited 5-10 minutes going back across and we were waved on through once again after we declared the value of our purchases. The Border dude seemed surprised that the values we spent were so low. I said to Tom the rest of the world must be buying up half of Washington State. Well bless them!!

The rest of our pictures are Here on Flickr

We spend the evening relaxing and watching Frequency, a movie that nobody seems to know about, or has seen but is one of my absolute favourites. Even better it cost a whole $6.99 (happy dance).

I love it when we get to spend a whole day together. What a great day!

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2 Responses to Got a good reason for taking the easy way out

  1. Sue says:

    Ok, there’s just little x’s where pics of shoes should be! (The peeing pic works though)

  2. Beezzez says:

    yeah blogger was acting up a bit today, I noticed it when I was checking out the other blogs I read. They look ok now though.

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